The other night after the Philly.Net meeting I was talking to Peter Laudati about my new blog.  He suggested I check out Windows Live Writer (Beta).  Basically, it is a Windows application that lets you edit/save your blog posts on your PC and publish them too.  It has some pretty cool features that I am pretty sure will make my blogging easier too.

For instance, I added this picture of the Colosseum very easily (yes, I took the photo).  OK, that’s no big deal.  But this made it VERY easy to adjust the appearance including the size, border, margins and add the water mark.  Plus, it was easy for me to wrap the text on the side of the picture.  I couldn’t do that with my web interface.


Another cool feature is that you can add maps and aerial photos in!  This is all done with So I added this map.  I tried to do an aerial photo of my house but each time I inserted it, it changed to a picture of someone else’s house!  So I guess that is why this is called Beta software.  But otherwise this is a really nice tool.


So if you are blogging, check out Windows Live Writer (Beta)

One thought on “Windows Live Writer (Beta)

  1. So you were actually going to post a live map of your home location?! You know there are psychos out there on the Internet who actually might click through on the map to get the driving directions to your house. And then they might actually drive there. And when they get there at 3am, they might actually do something crazy… like knock on your door and start asking you questions about Re-sharper!!!


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