I’ve already blogged about how cool Live Mesh is, you can read my previous post here.  Well the other day I had a great idea to synchronize my Internet favorites for all of my machines in Mesh.  It was really easy to do.  Of course I am not the first person to have this idea and there are lots of blog posts out there already about how to do it.  Here is the basic idea… Just find the folder on your computer where you already save your favorites.  Add that folder to your Mesh.  Make sure your other machines are synced to that folder too (you can do that when you add the folder to your Mesh, or you can go to your Mesh Desktop and set it there too).  Then on your other computers, you can specify where you want the new folder to go.  Just set it to replace (actually you can merge the two of them) your existing Favorites folder on each machine.  If you have used Mesh at all you will see this is very easy to do.

Some other people have already taken the time to explain it in detail here, here, and here.


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