I’m pretty excited about two upcoming events coming to our community and I have an active role in both of them. 

First, I’ll be presenting at the .Net Data Access Firestarter on March 17, 2010.  This event, hosted at the Microsoft Office in Malvern, PA covers a variety of .Net data access strategies including LINQ to SQL, WCF Data Services and OData, Entity Framework, and even Azure Data Storage.  It’s a pretty good variety of information.  I’ll be doing one of the earliest sessions on the day, my topic is “Introduction To LINQ”.  I’m excited about this because LINQ is such an important part of the .Net Framework now.  While it isn’t really a data access technology, most of the data access technologies use LINQ!  It should be a lot of fun and I am honored to be a part of the event.  Also, if you can’t make it out to the event, you can watch it online too!

Here is a link to more information.

Second is of course, Philly.Net Code Camp.  Our next Code Camp is April 10, 2010.  Once again we are back at DeVry University.  These Code Camps just continue to get better and better.  Once again, we 60 sessions in a variety of technologies.  In addition, we are broadcasting a portion of the content via Live Meeting and they’ll also be available for download later.  That alone makes this an exciting event.  This year, we’ve also invited some folks from Alex’s Lemonade Stand to come by.  At the end of the day, we’ll be presenting them with a donation to their worthwhile organization.  How are we raising the money?  This year we are offering two kinds of tickets to Code Camp.  The first is the standard, free ticket.  Anyone is welcome to come to Code Camp for free and enjoy the day (and breakfast and lunch are included as always).  But we have added a Booster ticket this year for $25.  If attendees choose to donate this small amount, they get a few benefits:

  • $5 of the each Booster ticket goes to Alex’s Lemonade Stand
  • Boosters are included in some premium raffles
  • Boosters are included in the post Code Camp party
  • Booster money will help sustain Philly.Net throughout the year.
  • Other benefits are included as well.

This is sort of an experiment.  The leadership, of which I am a member, doesn’t know how this will turn out.  It seems to me that $25 is a small price to pay for a ton of content at Code Camp, not to mention the fact that we provide breakfast and lunch.  And we hope that people won’t mind donating to our efforts, it takes a lot of money to run the organization and all of the events year round.  Plus, we are donating a portion to charity.  On the other hand, I always liked these events being free.  People donate their time so that others can come and learn for free.  It’s a great concept!  But times are changing and we need money to run our organization year round.

In any case, whether you choose to donate or attend for free, I hope to see you at Code Camp.

One thought on “Two Great Developer Events coming to Philly

  1. Hi Andy,
    Can you point to a link and/or information on becoming a sponsor for the upcoming Code Camp event? I am not seeing anything on the code camp home page about how one can become a sponsor. Thanks Patrick


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