Ok this post isn’t so much about Ben as it is about Rebecca and I, and our life with Ben.  Sure, I am a naive, first time dad.  I didn’t exactly know what to expect after we brought our son home from the hospital.  Well, he’s almost 6 weeks old and I am starting to figure it out.  The biggest challenge so far seems to be time management.  I can’t believe how much time this guy takes up.  Anyway, on to the point of this post…

One Month Old with Mom and Dad I’ve always heard that when people have a baby, their friends send over dinners for them.  I thought that seemed nice enough, but hardly all that big a deal.  I figured that when we came home with Ben we’d be sitting around a lot (since he can’t to much) and we’d have time to cook.  Also I thought, that the gift of food thing must be great for families where “dad” can’t cook.  In my case, I can cook, and love to.  So I wouldn’t mind making dinner each night for Rebecca since she’d be busy feeding Ben.  WRONG!!!!  Wow was I wrong.  And luckily, my friends and family knew better.  They sent over food.  Lots of food.  Not only was I too busy to cook for the first few weeks, but I was just too exhausted to do it.  One little child can be completely draining.  So these meals are a very kind gift and I am thankful to everyone who helped us out.  If you are in a position to bring dinner to a new family, please please please do it.  They will love you for it.  In addition, my advice to any expecting parent – cook in advance and freeze food.  We froze chicken cutlets, meatloaf, soup, and more.  Combine that with all of the great meals our friends sent over and we didn’t cook a meal for the first 3 weeks.  And we had a few in week 4 too!  I’m not kidding.  Rebecca and I realized that, except for picking up some essentials like milk, we didn’t go shopping for a month!

THANKS to all of our friends for the help and support.  Also, here’s a picture of us with Ben – he’s one month old here.

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