It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over but Benny has really enjoyed it.  He’s had some great accomplishments recently.  A few weeks ago Ben started to gain his balance and was sitting up quite well, as long as someone was on hand to spot him.  But now he’s pretty good at it.  And this week he figured out how to go from laying down into a sitting position all by himself.  He also really likes to be up on his hands and knees.  He rocks back and forth and looks like he is trying to figure out how to crawl!  I think he’ll be doing it in no time at all.  Ben got his first tooth last week too.  It’s not fully here, but you can see it so that counts, right?  Also, Ben started at Daycare last week since it is time for his mommy to go back to work.  He seems to like it but he’s also decided to show his stubborn side (where do you think he gets that????).  So he’s gone a little “Hunger Strike” as I like to call it.  All of a sudden he decided he wouldn’t take a bottle from anyone at all!  I think it is his way of saying he loves his mommy!  He only wants the “real thing”.  Luckily, while he’s at daycare during the day he is happy to eat baby food.  So I guess it isn’t a true hunger strike, really it is a bottle strike.  But he surprised us again by taking a few ounces from the bottle today at daycare so maybe he is getting more comfortable.  We’ll see.  OK, here are some pictures from the past few weeks:

I’ll start with the one that may be our favorite picture of Ben ever!  The look on his face is too funny. I guess he doesn’t like tomatoes!  I hope he forgives me for putting the second one up on the Internet. 

DSC03643 DSC03656 DSC03664 DSC03687 DSC03689 DSC03700

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