It’s been a while since my last entry of The Ben Chronicles.  As I look through my collection of photos I see why.  I have taken very few photos of Ben since Thanksgiving.  There’s a few reasons for that.  One is that my camera is on the fritz.  But hopefully some new rechargeable batteries will solve the problem.  The bigger issue is that Ben was sick a lot.  In December I think he was sick more days than he was healthy.  First a stomach bug (no details but that was fun), then  a cold, than another cold, than another, etc.  Most of these weren’t anything major but one time he gave us a scare when his hole throat puffed out.  Turns out it was just really bad swollen glands due to all of the colds he has had.  Anyway, he was sick during Rebecca’s entire winter break which was really a bummer.  Each time he goes back to daycare and then a few days later he is home sick again.  But he seems to be pretty healthy these days (or should I say, today).  People warned me that the first year at school or daycare is when kids get sick the most. 

When he is feeling good, Ben is a bundle of fun.  He’s really curious and he is really stubborn.  He loves to crawl around and play with stuff.  He loves being tickled and laughs a lot!  He’s not so interested in baby food any more and wants to eat “real” food.  He really likes to feed himself.  I think all of those sick days made him a little more needy because he wants to be held more than ever.  Or maybe it is just a phase he is going through.  He isn’t gaining a lot of weight these days, and all those sick days didn’t help, but he still seems to be looking a lot bigger.  As he gets close to 1 year old, he really is changing into less of a baby and more of a little boy.  But we still have a long way to go.


DSC03868 DSC03873 DSC03875 DSC03877 Baby Smash2

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