It’s hard to keep up with posting these photos of Ben.  Time flies.  Lots more news since my last blog post.  First of all, Ben had his 1st birthday!  His grandma made him an awesome cake (and cupcakes) and they were a big hit. 

Ben is really trying to gain some weight (he’s a on the small side).  The Dr. put him on a “butter” diet, telling us to put butter on everything he eats.  Somehow he got the message.  All of a sudden he started eating everything in sight.  He gained 1 lb in 6 weeks.  Then he stopped eating again and got really finicky and cranky.  After a few days Rebecca took him to the Dr. to find out that he had an ear infection!  After a day or 2 of antibiotics, he was back to eating again.  He’s a pretty funny eater.  One day he’ll be eating Brussels sprout (yes, spelled with an “s” at the end, I looked it up), broccoli, meatloaf, spaghetti and meat sauce, salmon, and more.  It’s like he loves all different flavor foods.  And the next day, he’s bored of it all and won’t eat anything!

Right around the time of the ear infection Benny developed another ailment, much to our dismay.  He’s become a bit of a “momma’s boy”!  All he wants is for his mommy to hold him.  It’s pretty funny too because if it’s just me and him hanging out, it’s all good. He laughs and plays and is perfectly content.  But when Rebecca comes in the room, he starts to get cranky and he just wants her.  I’m sure this is pretty typical behavior for a kid his age.  For me, it’s a little insulting – “what, I’m not good enough for you?”.  But for Rebecca it is just plain annoying because she can’t get anything done when he is around.  This too shall pass.

We’ve had a few other big achievements lately.  Ben started taking some steps on his own.  Still just 2 or 3 at a time, but people say once it starts, he’ll be walking soon enough.  He also has increased his vast vocabulary to 3 words.  In addition to “momma” and “dadda”, he now says “dog”.  Well, more like “daw daw” but we are impressed.  It’s funny too because we don’t have a dog.  But he gets excited when he sees them on TV or out walking around, or at friends’ houses.

OK, as usual, here are some recent photos…

No, that first one isn’t Ben, but a classic just the same.  Big Steve eating Chicken Holiday!  Below are pictures of ben playing, at the park with Grandma, and showing off his new “Vail” shirt (he wants to go skiing there next year!).  Also, three classic “messy face” pictures.  The first is Ben eating his 1st Birthday Cake (his first sugar fix ever).  I think he liked it because you can see him eating his friend Ricky’s cake too (with the red icing).  Think he enjoyed it?  And there’s another with him covered in Oreo cookie!  Don’t worry, he eats a lot of veggies and fruit too!

 DSC03995 DSC04006 DSC04023 DSC04036 DSC04037 DSC04045 DSC04062 DSC04072

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