DSC03379 Ben is very excited that summer is here!  In fact, summer hasn’t officially started but no one told that to Ben.  Like all cool kids, Ben needed a wardrobe upgrade to get ready for the season.  Now he’s got a few bathing suits, shirts and hats so he can enjoy the weather.  Plus, if you hadn’t noticed, Benny is pretty fair skinned so we need to be extra careful in the sun.

Ben’s friend Lauren and her family invited us to swim at their club.  Ben had a really good time in the kiddie DSC03382 pool.  Most importantly, he didn’t embarrass us with any “accidents” in the pool! 

The following weekend was a big one.  Not only was it Ben’s first trip to the Beach but it was my first Father’s Day.  Lucky for Ben (and us), his Zaida and Bubbie have a beach house. FYI, that is Yiddish for Grandpa and Grandma, although I am not positive on the spelling.  Ben hopes to spend a lot of time with them at the beach this summer.  We spent Father’s day with Rebecca’s dad and his wife, as well as her brother and sister their families.  It was a really nice day and Ben got to hang out with cousins Billy, Dylan and Fiona.  We missed Bret who had a sleep over that night with a friend.

That Saturday we took Ben for his first walk on the Boardwalk.  I think it was pretty special for Rebecca since she spent all of her summers there since she was little.  Sunday’s weather was pretty bad.  In the afternoon it seemed to be clearing out so we decided to take Ben to put his feet in the ocean for the first time.  Our friends Dean and Alexis joined us. After some preparation we were finally making our way to the beach.  As we were about to step off the board walk the neighbors  told us that the beach was CLOSED!  What?  Yes, the lifeguards told everyone to leave because of a lightning storm that was approaching. Sure enough, looking in the other direction we saw some nasty clouds.  I guess Ben will have to wait until next weekend to hit the beach.  Incidentally, within a few minutes the sky opened up and it poured for quite some time!

Here’s some shots from the weekend:  Don’t forget you can click on the to see a larger version

DSC03404  DSC03426 DSC03440 DSC03412DSC03442 DSC03450

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