DSC03269DSC03278 Yes, at the ripe old age of 3 months old, Ben went to visit his Great Grandmom in Arizona!  We  were pretty nervous about flying with the little guy but he was great during our flights.  Although on the way home, as I carried him onto the plane in the Baby Bjorn he spit up all over my chest.  Thanks!  Then when we got settled on the plane I was holding him and he spit up all over my lap!  He got me twice in 10 minutes!!  Anyway, the trip was great and Ben and his Great Grandmom had a fantastic time.  He also got to meet his Great Aunt Naomi and Great Uncle Mark.  I think they all had fun.  Ben’s “firsts” for the trip include flying, sleeping in a hotel, swimming in a pool, and more.  He even went to his first Zoo.  Of course, he could care less about the animals at his age. 


DSC03256 DSC03288


DSC03373In addition Ben has been working at improving some of his skills.  These days he love to play with his feet and he’s starting to use his fingers more.  He’s sitting up well (with a little help) and he’s trying to roll over.  He’s hasn’t mastered it yet, but he’s getting there.  The first time he did it no one saw.  He was playing on his “play gym” and Rebecca turned to him and noticed that he had flipped from his back to his front!  He’s done it a few other times but each with a bit of a nudge!  He loves to sleep on his side now.  When you lay him down on his back, he just flips himself right onto his side to sleep, it is really cute.  The down side is that due to all of his new abilities, Ben is no longer allowed to be swaddled in the blanket for sleeping.  He still sleeps pretty well but he tends to wake up more at night.


Here’s some more great pictures:

DSC03336 DSC03343 DSC03369 DSC03359 DSC03340 DSC03235

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