If you read my last post about Ben, you’ll know that the winter wasn’t going so well.  It seemed like Ben was always sick and in a “bad mood”.  Well not anymore!  The little guy that we love is back and crazier than ever.  One day he just changed completely back to his old self.  These days he is sleeping great, eating great, playful as can be and all about having fun!

Ben is loving “real” food.  He really wants to feed himself so we let him do that most of the time.  He eats pasta, scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes and regular potatoes, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, pears, turkey meatloaf, veggie burgers, pizza (crust), peas, broccoli, carrots, mac and cheese and a bunch of other stuff.  He watches what Mommy and Daddy eat and always wants food off of our plates.  Plus, he is taking his bottles more too.  So all that is going well.

Play time is completely different these days.  Benny really seems to “get” the game.  I don’t know what goes on in his mind but he is really starting to learn things.  The little gears are really turning in his head.  He loves to play with his Fisher Price “House”.  He plays peek-a-boo by lifting the window up and down.  He also loves his “Little People“.  And he has car that he can ride on and walk behind.  We are noticing more hand coordination too as he can put balls into a slot or put his blocks together (sometimes).  He’s very proud of himself too, especially when he is walking (with our help), standing – yes on his own for a few seconds at a time, and other fun stuff.  Yesterday I said “How big is Benny” and up went his hands.  I had been trying that for a while with him with no result.  But it just clicked and how he does it all the time. 

Ben is really looking forward to turning 1 year old.  He had a lot of fun with his cousin Grace at her Birthday party.  She’s older by 10 days!  Check out the picture of them together, it is pretty funny because Grace is big for her age, while Ben is pretty small.

OK, here are some of my favorite pictures from the last few weeks.  Oh, by the way, Benny got his first haircut too.

DSC03884 DSC03915 DSC03922 DSC03967 DSC03976 DSC03982 DSC03983

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