This Saturday, Ben will be six weeks old.  Time really flies and I haven’t posted the amount of pictures that I had planned.  Oh well.

So what’s going on these days?  Well today our little champ weighed in at 8 lbs, 13 oz!  Since last week he gained almost 1 pound!  This guy is eating up a storm and gaining weight.  Don’t worry though, as much as he has grown, he is still in the 10th percentile for his age!  He may be small, but he’s trying. 

I stayed home for about a week and a half with Rebecca and Ben so I’ve been back at work for a while now.  The first few weeks were pretty tough, especially for Rebecca since the doctors advised us to keep Ben away from crowds during flu season.  The two of them were pretty cooped up at home.  Luckily it was a mild winter and Rebecca was able to go for walks with Ben.  Ben started out sleeping pretty well but that deteriorated a bit.  These days he tends to sleep for a few hours, then wake, eat, and sleep again.  All in all, I hear we are pretty lucky – some babies are up all night!  Since he was small, we had him eating every 2 hours which is very demanding on Rebecca.  We’re trying to get to a 3 hour schedule now but Ben is used to eating often and really likes it.

About a week ago I noticed a pretty big change in Ben.  All of a sudden, he seems to be able to entertain himself for periods of time.  Now he loves to lay under the play gym and watch his animals.  He even smacks them with his arm sometimes, but that might be a complete accident, I am not sure yet.  Also, he really looks around a lot and follows us with his eyes.  He’s becoming so much more alert and I can see things getting more fun.  Let’s face it (don’t get mad at me) but for the first few weeks, these babies aren’t so exciting. They are cute and all, but they don’t do much.  It looks like we’ll be interacting with Ben more and more from now on!!!

note – you can click on the images to view a larger version!

Here’s me and Ben, his first week home!
Ben’s getting ready to go out with his mom.
This was Ben’s first bath!
He’s so little at 2 weeks.
Sound asleep at 3 weeks.
He sure loves his mommy!
5 weeks.  He’s getting bigger.
He’s “playing” in the gym.

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