Last night I presented at the Lehigh Valley .Net User Group.  We had a small turnout but it was a good, interactive group.  I’m definitely looking forward to going back there to present again, if they’ll have me!  One thing I found out – it is not as far as I thought.  It took about an hour to get there.  That is a little far to drive for a user group meeting but if there is a topic that you really want to learn, it would be worth it.  I’d advise the Lehigh members and the Philly.Net members to keep an eye on each other’s schedules.  Of course, for a full day event like a Code Camp, it is definitely worth the drive to come from Lehigh down to Malvern (where Philly.Net hosts Code Camp).

Anyway, in case you forgot, here is where you can get the source code for the presentation.  Even though I used VS2008 for the demo, the zip file contains a VS2005 solution.

Also, here is where you can get some more explanation on the CreateChildControls() vs Render() situation discussed last night.

Once again, thanks to the guys who came out last night.  Hope to see you again soon.

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