As an ASP.Net developer, one of my favorite tools is Firebug.  Generally, my default browser is IE, but when I develop web sites I always debug and test with Firefox with the Firebug Add-on to make designing the pages easier. If you are a web developer and you aren’t familiar with Firebug you must check it out.  It basically allows you to inspect your page in the browser at runtime.  With Firebug you can see how your ASP.Net Code gets rendered into HTML, and how the CSS is applied.  Often it was not as I expected!  You can even modify the html, CSS and JavaScript at runtime.  This is a great help because you can tweak the page in the browser to look the way you want and then go back and apply the changes to your source code.

Now I am developing a Silverlight Application.  The learning curve is steep, working with XAML I am starting from scratch.  It isn’t like HTML at all and it is not so easy to make controls look like you want the to.  And it was even harder because I didn’t have Firebug to help.  Searching the Internet, I found Silverlight Spy.  This is a cool, free tool that helps in many ways with Silverlight Development.

With Silverlight Spy you can inspect your XAP package, monitor events, network activity and performance and more.  But the best part is that I can inspect the elements within my XAML at runtime and even make changes.  This is pretty important because I find that the XAML design experience in Visual Studio is less than perfect.  I’ve already used Silverlight Spy to help me solve a bunch of problems.  The tool isn’t perfect, but it is BETA software and it is free, so I am not complaining.  Many, many thanks to the developers.


2 thoughts on “Silverlight Spy… It’s Like Firebug for Silverlight

  1. I love using Firefox with NoScript and Adblock Plus . Add those two little plug-ins to Firefox and you’ll have a much safer browsing experience — provided you use NoScript properly and avoid manually downloading "codecs" from questionable sites.


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