I’ve had this blog for a pretty long time now. When I started blogging, I owned the domain IngenuityNow.net which I use for my consulting business. When I started blogging, I named my blog Schwammy Says but I wasn’t sure that would stick. Since I owned IngenuityNow.net, I simply used blog.IngenuityNow.net as my address for the blog. Not long after, I purchased the domain SchwamySays.net but frankly, I’ve just been too lazy to change everything around. This week I have completed (well there are still a few finishing touches) updating my blog in several ways. I’ve moved to WordPress, I’ve moved to Azure, and I have changed my domain to Schwammy Says.

Hopefully all of the URLs should still work but if you are linking to my blog, please use www.schwammysays.net from now on!

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