Tonight’s meeting was sponsored by RDA Corporation.  They provided our dinner (pizza) as well as a $50 Gift Card to Circuit City as a give away!  Making it’s first appearance at a Philly.Net meeting was our new coffee maker!  We bought it for Code Camp but now we’ll have coffee for our regular meetings.  Enjoy it!  Thanks to Rob for running tonight’s meeting.  Bill was out at Microsoft in Redmond (supposedly he’s working) so Rob stepped up to run the show and make announcements.

Our next meeting is November 20th.  We are bringing back the “15 minutes of Fame” format that we used last November.  That means we’ll have about 9 presenters, each doing a brief 15 minute presentation.  Last year this worked out really well and we got a great response.  If you are interested, please contact Bill or myself. 

UPDATE:  Both of the presenters are from RDA Corporation.  Check out their Technology Corner for information on these presentations and more.  Or click directly to Building an Extranet with Forms-Based Authentication using WSS 3.0/MOSS 2007 or Visual Studio 2005 Tips and Treats

Presenter:  Deepak Gupta, RDA Corporation
Topic:  Building an Extranet with Forms-Based Authentication using WSS 3.0/MOSS 2007

Sorry, I can’t summarize this session.  I was busy with Philly.Net business and I missed the whole thing.  It’s too bad because I was told that Deepak really knows his stuff on Sharepoint!

Presenter:  Steve Andrews, RDA Corporation
Topic:  Visual Studio 2005 Tips and Treats

Steve started by promising that these tips would be posted here on his blog.  It’s a good thing too because he jumped right in with a ton of tips and I can’t remember them all.  He started by showed how to customize VS menus and toolbars with a variety of features that aren’t there by default.  Then he showed all kinds of shortcuts and settings that I plan on using tomorrow at work.  I’ve been using Visual Studio since 2002 and I didn’t know many of these little tidbits.  The crowd contributed a few tips too and I’m certain that everyone learned something tonight.  As a bonus, Steve did a quick demo of Lutz Roeder’s awesome Reflector tool.

We wrapped up with prizes from RDA, O’Reilly, Wrox, Sams, and SourceGear!

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  1. Steve mentioned fonts available online – I found Consolas from Microsoft. The download will install it as the default font. It is a fixed width font designed for clear type. If you are running Vista you already have it on your system.


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