I recently got a new server, a Dell PowerEdge 2950.  Well actually, it isn’t mine.  It belongs to a client so I didn’t have to pay for it, but I get to play with it!!!
This baby really cranks.  Of course, I don’t often get to play with fast machines like this.  Maybe to you this is no big deal but I am impressed.

  • Processors:  2 @ Xeon 2.0 GHz – Each one is Dual Core

  • Memory: 4 GB Ram

  • Hard Drives: 3 300 GB Drives, SAS.

  • Dual Power Supplies

  • OS: Windows 2003 Server – 64 Bit.

  • A bunch of other stuff!

Gary, our resident network/hardware expert, has got this thing tweaked out too.  It’s all set up with RAID and a slew of partitions for stuff like data, page files, temp files, etc.  This should make it perform great. 

I am not used to the speed of this thing.  When we were formatting partitions you could get a sense of the speed.  A 128 GB partition formatted in about 10 seconds!  Note that this was NOT on the “Quick Format” setting.


2 thoughts on “New Toy: Dell PowerEdge 2950

  1. Your moving depiction of the strengths of this computing device has piqued my interest. Only a technical marvel would have the ability to harness its power so effectively. Now who is this Gary person? He sounds like an expert in his field. I must have him working for me immediately!

  2. Wow! This is a serious piece of hardware! Your resident expert Gary must be something to get mentioned by name! Your client (who is just a client) must really be something to get you hardware like this! "What’s his name" must really appreciate the work you do.
    Excellent website!

    P.S. Great Logo!!!


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