Philly.Net Code Camp was great.  We had over 400 people attend and the feedback is very good.

I had a great time with my presentation “Make the Switch to LINQ – Working with data will never be the same”.  Thanks to everyone who joined me.  It was pretty crowded.  Thanks to those of you who stood up or sat on the floor.  I know that I covered a lot of information in my session.  I hope I didn’t go to fast.  I promised that I’d have my Code Camp presentation up on my blog by today.  I’m running a little behind schedule.  Update:  here it is!  On schedule, even if it is 10:30 at night!

I’ve included a db create script, all of my source code, and the slides.  I have tried to add more comments to the code so it makes sense.  At the end I was pretty rushed and didn’t explain all of the samples but I hope they speak for themselves.

If you have any questions, just ask… you can contact through the link on my blog.  I’ve also included my address in a ReadMe.txt doc in the zip file.

LINQ (900.4 KB)

Now, make the switch to LINQ!

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