Reading Pete’s blog I found out about the new version of Windows Live Writer.  It is still in Beta, but now even better with Beta 2.  I’m curious as to why they don’t just release this and take away the Beta already.  Anyway…

Right away I noticed some differences (I am posting this with the new version, of course).  The UI is a little slicker.  One of the coolest new features is that you can easily insert and modify tables in a post.  Previously, I had to switch over to html view and put my own tables in.  It was a nuisance.  I also like the way they display the categories now.  Also I just noticed while I am typing this that the spell checking is enhanced.  Check out this list of new features.

One feature that I think needs to be added is support for post descriptions.  My blog runs on dasBlog.  With dasBlog I can put in a description of my post and then only the description shows on the main page with a link to the body of the post.  I’d love to be able to insert the description via Live Writer.  I’ll submit my feature request to the team.

One thought on “Live Writer – Beta 2 is here.

  1. I don’t know the more time I spend inside the more I am cocvinned all of the JavaScript was written by those interns presented at the BUILD.I do not know anybody on the Chakra team who would write (for example) :var newArray = new Array();Etc


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