Last night at the Philly.Net meeting Rob gave a cool talk about Live Mesh.  I had heard of it before but hadn’t paid too much attention.  But now that I’ve gotten a good look at it, I am impressed.  So what can I do with Mesh?  Probably a lot.  But at first two things jump out.  I can synchronize files between multiple devices (my home PC, my laptop, a phone, etc).  Plus in addition to the files being synced, I can go to my Live Desktop and view the files there.  The Live Desktop is just a web site though, so it is accessible from anywhere.  So if I am traveling without my laptop and I want to access one of the files I’ve got in Mesh, I can get to them from any browser.  Cool!  But from my Live Desktop I can also connect remotely into my home computer (or any computer on my Live network). That way I can not only access files stored on that PC, but I can actually control the computer just as if I was sitting in front of it.  As a matter of fact, I’m doing it right now.  I’m blogging this from my home PC, but I’m sitting in front of my laptop. I’m connected via Live Mesh into my home PC and running Live Writer on my home PC.  Ok, file synchronization and remote desktop are nothing new.  But what makes this cool is just how easy it is. And it all seems to work very quickly too.  Very cool!  Rob also demonstrated some other cool features, like you can write applications to run on Live Mesh, and you can write applications that use Live Mesh.  Maybe I’ll get to that one day but for now, I’m having fun with Mesh and it is useful for me in business too.  Awesome.

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