I recently gave an “Introduction To LINQ” presentation at the Microsoft event:  Data Access Firestarter.  That session was recorded and posted on MSDN’s Channel 9.  Here is the link so you can check it out.  If you want the content, you can get it from this post.  I’m really excited to be on Channel 9, it is such a great source of content!

I also gave the same talk at Philly.Net Code Camp this past Saturday.  That talk was also recorded and is available via Live Meeting replay.  I think it will be on Channel 9 too.  Both sessions went pretty well. 

I do feel the need to make a correction though!  In the presentation at Code Camp I answered a question incorrectly.  It was a subtle error, but one just the same.  The question was “Can you use LINQ to SQL against other databases?”.  I’m not really sure why I gave the wrong answer because I have been doing this stuff for a long time and I really do know the right answer.  My incorrect answer was that you can do LINQ to SQL as long as you have a provider to the other database.  This is completely wrong!  You can certainly do LINQ to a wide variety of data sources, including Oracle, but that isn’t “LINQ to SQL”.  LINQ to SQL is specifically an implementation of LINQ to a SQL Server Database.  I hope that makes sense.

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