Welcome to Schwammy Says…

Well, here it is, my Blog!  I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while and I finally got around to getting it up and running.  Mostly, the problem was procrastination on my part.  Setting up the actual blog was pretty easy thanks to dasBlog

If A Tree Falls In The Woods And There Is No One There, Does It Make A Sound?

So what is the purpose of this blog you ask?  Good question.  I guess it is just a place for me to rant about what ever I want to.  I’ll be blogging about whatever seems interesting to me at the time.  Initially, that sounded like fun until I realized the problem…who am I speaking to?  Wait.  I mean “To whom am I speaking?”  If I am gonna do this blog, I should try to be grammatically correct.  Well I don’t know who is listening out there but hopefully in time there will be a crowd.

4 thoughts on “Hear Yee, Here! Yea.

  1. Nice Work… the climg out the window was a nice touch… I read the comments… Ditto to Jeff Uhl, my sentiments exactly… I thought Flags of Our Fathers was terrific also…look forward to more interesting stuff

    Love, Mom

  2. Mr Schwam,

    Waassss up bro? You have way too much time on your hands. I think you and Rebecca better start getting BUSY. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. ;o)



  3. I like your blog. You really made me laugh when I saw your picture. I did not know that you were going to do movies too, I just thought it was for computer geeks. Keep on bloogging. But not too much, I would like to talk to you sometimes!



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