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If you haven’t registered yet for Philly.Net’s Code Camp 2007.1 you are out of luck.  This event is full!  I am not surprised it didn’t take long for registration to fill up, there is a great list of presentations

A swag mans job is never done!

For those of you who are registered, you’ll be glad to know that I’ve been working hard to make sure we have lots of door prizes.  Many companies have been very generous with prizes for this event.  It is really awesome that we have their support.  Here is a sneak peek at some of the companies and prizes we’ll have.  This list is unofficial and will change.  Hopefully I’ll be adding more.  If you have any ideas for swag, please contact me.  I’ll try to keep this list updated as things change.


*Updated on 5/26

Contributor Contribution
Microsoft 1 Zune, 1 license Office, 1 license Vista, & 1 license Expression Web
New Horizons Learning Centers Breakfast
RDA Consultants Lunch
Apress Books
Cizer 1 Full License for Drop In Reporting for every attendee!
Component Art 1 Web.UI for ASP.NET Subscription License
Diamond Technologies $25 gift card, Memory Sticks and other swag
Dundas 1 Dundas Gauge, several licenses for Dundas Calendar for RS, a Dundas Software hoodie and other swag (pens, bags)
Google T-Shirts
JetBrains/ReSharper 5 personal licenses for ReSharper
O’Reilly 10 Books
Red-Gate Software A copy of the brand new version of ANTS Profiler and two copies of SQL Refactor.  Plus pens, t-shirts, memory sticks, etc.
Sams/Addison-Wesley Books, t-shirts, bags, pens, quick reference cards.
WROX 50 Wrox books, t-shirts

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