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Philly.Net is proud to announce our newest Gold Level Contributor, Neudesic.  Our Gold Contributors make it possible for us to host the event and provide food and drinks throughout the day.

In addition, we’ve added SQL Server Magazine as our latest Swag contributor.  They are graciously providing a subscription to the magazine for each attendee.  You’ll have to fill out the form on the day of the event though – don’t forget!


We’ve got lots of other companies supporting us.  Check out the entire list.

Check out the Philly.Net site for more information.  And don’t forget that pub night is Wednesday, Sept 12.

One thought on “Code Camp Sponsor Update

  1. the best way to learn is by being taught. Much of what he leaenrd came from one on one instruction. Once you’re out of the cave so to speak it gets much easier, even if you miss a new technology or two (was that LINQ thing important? ;) it doesn’t take much time to go back and pick up the bits that are important to your work; even better you’ll probably recognize that I don’t know what it is exactly, but I think I need LINQ here because you understand where it fits in even without knowing what it does. Personally, I was lucky to attend PDC 2000 in Orlando where I got a copy of .NET beta 1. Instead of confronting the list of technologies I needed to learn I started fresh and focused only on .NET (I still don’t know COM+) right from the beginning. Btw at the time I remember walking in to Barnes & Noble and seeing *3* whole books about .NET I was elated! Picking this stuff up mid-stream is certainly not easy, but between blogs, stackoverflow, msdn mag and channel 9 you should get enough exposure to feel comfortable with those TLAs in a year or so. In a couple of years we’ll probably be in the same boat, learning some other new tech.


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