While the official announcement hasn’t gone out yet, you probably know that Philly.Net is presenting Code Camp 2007.2 on Sept 15.

Swag and Contributions — I’ve already started a campaign reaching out to vendors for contributors for swag, not to mention breakfast and lunch.  Code camp is a free event and we rely on the generous donations to pay for our expenses.  If you have any interest in helping out in this way, please contact me.  And if you have any ideas for swag that you’d like to see at Code Camp, please let me know.

Presenters — Bill hasn’t sent out the official call for speakers yet, that will come soon.  But now is a good time to think about what kind of presentation you might do.  We’ll need about 25 presentation for Code Camp.

Newsletter — I just got an email from Mark M regarding starting the newsletter.  It looks like he is trying to get this off the ground.  It will be awesome to have an official Philly.Net newsletter.  Thanks Mark!

See you at the next meeting on August 22.