I love toys an gadgets!  They are so much fun.  Most of us geeks are gadget guys too.  I just got a GPS for my car, it’s so much fun to play with.  Toys that help me get my job done faster and better are really cool.  They help me pay for the other cool toys like GPS’s, HD Camcorders, MP3 players, etc.  One of my favorite toys for work is ReSharper, a super Visual Studio add-on that helps out in many ways.  If you aren’t using ReSharper, you should check it out.  It isn’t really a toy but it makes coding so much more enjoyable and easier, it may as well be a toy.

I’ve been using ReSharper for a pretty long time, I blogged about it over a year ago.  But in Oct 2007 I started my current job and switched to VS 2008 (it was beta at the time) so I couldn’t use ReSharper because it didn’t work with LINQ and Lambdas and all of the other cool stuff in VS 2008.  I had hoped that ReSharper 4.0 would have been ready a little sooner since the VS 2008 was officially released quite some time ago, but unfortunately I had to wait.  But now it’s here and packed full of cool enhancements.

One of the best features of ReSharper is that you don’t need to compile your code to see all of the errors — not that my code has any errors ;-).   But I wrote about that and some other old features already.  Here’s some new features:

  • ReSharper fully supports LINQ and the other language enhancements.
  • ReSharper provides great code completion/intellisense in aspx pages (source view)! 
  • Also, ReSharper will create method stubs from an ASPX page source view – so if I type OnCommand=”foo”, ReSharper can create:

protected void foo(object sender, CommandEventArgs e)
     throw new NotImplementedException();

  • With “CamelHumps”, you can abbreviate class names and method names and let ReSharper complete the word.  So if I have a method named GetAllDuplicates(), I can just Type GAD!

So far, I have only one complaint but it is really no big deal.  ReSharper wants to convert a lot of my local variables to the new variant type – var.  I use the var type in code where I want it, but I don’t believe it should be over used like this.  If a variable is a string and I know it is a string, it should be typed as such, as a string.  ReSharper offers the suggestion to convert it to a var.  But the cool thing about ReSharper is that I can tell it I’m not interested in this and it won’t bother me any more!

Believe me, there are a ton of other great features.  Just download a trial version or ReSharper 4.0 for yourself and check it out.


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