Lately I’ve been speaking at local user groups about many of the exciting new features in Visual Studio 2012. Since there is so much to know and learn about VS 2012, I decided to create a collection of blog posts with many of the tips. This collection of posts will include features that are new to VS 2012 as well as some existing features as well. To view all of the VS 2012 tips posted so far, click here.

In a previous tip I talked about using some of the built in Filters in Visual Studio’s Solution Explorer. This is a similar feature. It’s one of those great ways to get rid of the “clutter” and focus on what is important. If you have a complicated solution, like I typically do, you’ll find this helpful.

In the screenshot you can see Visual Studio 2012’s Solution Explorer loaded up with the solution to my “Unit Testing Made Easy” demo. You’ll note that I’ve selected the Model project and right clicked to see the context menu. I’ve highlighted the option for “Scope to This”.


After clicking it, my solution explorer will now have the scope of just that project.


Presto… clutter removed. This doesn’t apply to just projects. You can “scope to” just about any item of folder in the solution explorer. As a matter of fact, once you have the Scope set, you can also applies those filters I mentioned before! And if you search (see my post on searching in Solution Explorer) in Solution Explorer, that search will have the new scope as well! There really are a lot of was to keep the solution explorer clean and clutter free.

Of course, the full solution can be brought back quite easily. Just click the home button to the solution explorer menu:


I hope you find this tip helpful. To see more VS 2012 Tips, just click here.

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