Lately I’ve been speaking at local user groups about many of the exciting new features in Visual Studio 2012. Since there is so much to know and learn about VS 2012, I decided to create a collection of blog posts with many of the tips. This collection of posts will include features that are new to VS 2012 as well as some existing features as well. To view all of the VS 2012 tips posted so far, click here.

A lot has been made over the colors (or lack thereof) within Visual Studio 2012. I wrote a blog post about it back in May, 2012. While many parts of VS don’t have color, there is one item that had color added. Did you notice the status bar at the bottom of Visual Studio? Is it purple? Is it blue? Or is it orange? The answer is yes, yes and yes. It simply depends on what you are doing.

When you first open VS, the bar is purple. This indicated that you have no solution open.


After opening a solution, the bar will be blue.


And if you are in debug mode, the bar is orange.


If you are like me and often have multiple instances of VS open at once, you may find this useful!


I hope you find this tip helpful. To see more VS 2012 Tips, just click here.

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