I am planning to install Vista on my home PC.  While I am really excited about it, I keep hearing about “little problems” that people are having and it is making me nervous.  My friend Jeff had a post on his blog about the problem he had – he couldn’t hook up his Cannon Powershot camera to his computer because there were no drivers for Vista.  He found a work around for the time being and it is no big deal.  But it makes me wonder, if I have a bunch of these little problems, will it all add up to be a big problem for me?

An actual “large” concern of mine is that I occasionally support an app created with Visual Studio 2003.  I have no plans to convert this application to work with 2005.  But Vista doesn’t support VS2003.  Again, I can work around this by setting up a Virtual PC with Windows XP and VS2003 but you know that is a pain.

Stay tuned, when I install Vista I’ll be blogging about the experience.  Hopefully the features will out-way the issues!

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