Looking at my blog I see that I haven’t posted any pictures of Ben since the end of August!  Wow, time flies.  A lot has changed since then with Benny.  When we last left our hero he was learning to sit up.  Well these days he’s all about being mobile.  He’s  crawling all over and loves to follow us around.  The changes have been so exciting to watch.  When he first sat up on his own he was so happy because he could play by himself with toys.  Now, he can crawl around, find something to play with, move on to the next toy, crawl over here and crawl over there.  He has become quite independent and he is very proud of himself.  He has times when he really wants to be held but on the other hand he has times when he can play all by himself for a pretty long time.

Of course, we had to baby-proof the house now.  Ben loves to get into trouble too.  It seems that this kid has an instinct for grabbing anything he isn’t supposed to!  In general, Ben is a fun kid but he’s pretty independent and stubborn too.  I’m really surprised at how much of a personality a little 8 month old kid can have.  I wonder how much he’ll change that as he gets older.  Anyway, here are some pictures of our Benny. 


DSC03709DSC03739 DSC03742DSC03744  DSC03745   DSC03748 Cropped DSC03762

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