This week we published our agenda for TechBash 2018. It is time for you to register!

You can see the schedule of the breakout sessions here. If you haven’t registered yet, now is the time to do it.

Not familiar with TechBash? Here’s some additional information…

TechBash 2018 is Oct 2-5, 2018, hosted at the Kalahari Resort in Poconos Manor, PA!

Techbash is quite affordable, especially when compared to our competition (because we are non-profit). Our 3 day pass plus 3 hotel nights is only about $875 (book before our Kalahari discount expires). We are also local to many people – less than 2 hours from NY and Philly. So if you live in the northeast US we keep your travel expenses down!

2017 Keynote with Donovan Brown


Come to Learn

Techbash features all the content you need to take your career a level up! We feature content for .NET, Azure, DevOps, JavaScript, Mobile, AI, Bots and much more. And our speakers are world class. These are actually many of the same presenters you’ll find at more expensive conferences.

Great Content


Come to Network!

We’ve built a safe, welcoming and exciting environment that is designed for all attendees to get the most out of the event. In the many informative sessions at TechBash, you’ll learn a crazy number of new things, but we know amazing interactions happen outside of the talks too. Our attendee lounge will have plenty of space for you to hang out and talk with old friends and make new ones. Speakers, attendees, and vendors will gather in the lounge to follow up talks after sessions over coffee and snacks. Our awesome, big name vendors will be there, presenting their latest gadgets and code, and a few job listings as well.



Come Have Fun

In addition to all the learning, we have an attendee welcome reception, game night, and a 200,000 sq. ft. indoor waterpark – the largest in the country! This year we are expanding our Friday family content so bring the kids. Soon, we’ll update our website with much more information about this.

2017 JewelBots session for kidsWaterslides


Please Help Us – Spread the Word!

Did you know TechBash is run by volunteers who don’t get paid? Every dime we charge goes right back into running the event. We started this because we wanted to have an awesome, destination conference with world class speakers in our part of the country! And this year we want TechBash to be better than ever. To do that, we need more attendees. Quite frankly, the larger the crowd, the more money we have to enhance the event. So if you have read this far, you must be interested. All we need you to do is spread the word. The event sells itself pretty well, the problem is, people don’t know about it! Tell your friends, co-workers, LinkedIn contacts, and your plumber.

Back in December I attended great developer conference. I’ve been meaning to write something up about it and I’m finally getting the chance to do so. I spent December 10 – 12 at the first ever DevIntersection conference in Las Vegas. This was a great conference. The event had great speakers lined up so I knew it would be good. They were also giving attendees free Microsoft Surfaces, that was a great bonus. This event was well worth my time. FYI, they have scheduled the next DevIntersection for April 11 –13, 2013! If you get the chance, I highly recommend this event. Plus, if you register by the deadline, you can get a free Surface too!

This conference was certainly smaller than most conferences I attend. This was definitely not because of the content, which was great. And the conference was very well run. I guess it was just because it was a new conference so they didn’t have a lot of brand recognition. Actually, as an attendee, the smaller size was really nice. It was easy to network and very easy to connect with presenters after their sessions! And no crowds to deal with. Although I’m assuming as DevIntersection gains word of mouth it will get more and more crowded.

There was a variety of content presented although, as you can imagine, there were a few topics that were predominant throughout the conference. These topics included Windows Store App development, JavaScript, Web API, Azure, and more. Going into the conference, I was probably most excited about the JavaScript stuff since I am doing a lot of that right now and, I must admit, it is not my strong suit. And I’m glad to say that I came back from the conference armed with a few new tricks!


Of course, presentations by Scott Guthrie and Scott Hanselman are always great and are always highlights. While many of the presenters were great, I really enjoyed “5 Tips for better JavaScript” by Todd Anglin, “KnockoutJs” by John Papa, “Working with and Testing the Web API” by Miguel Castro, and “Ten Web Performance Tuning Tricks” by Richard Campbell. There are probably more great ones that I am forgetting. I’ve highlighted 4 sessions but I found that most of the sessions over the 3 days were very good. All in all, very high scores for content and presentation.

I also met a lot of great people and had a ton of fun. And I gained a few pounds too since there is a lot of great food in Las Vegas! It’s a shame that the flight from Philly to Vegas is so long because flights to LAS are frequent and the price isn’t too bad. Hotels in Vegas are also cheap. I stayed at the MGM Grand for around $80/night. But the food is expensive!

Big thanks to the great speakers and organizers of DevIntersection for a great learning experience and a fun time. I look forward to attending again soon. Thanks as well to my employer, of course, for making this event possible for me!