If you are looking to learn about Silverlight development, here is your chance.  Our local Microsoft Developer Evangelists are running a free full day event this Saturday featuring a good variety of information. 

To learn more or register, click here.

If you are a beginner or haven’t gotten started yet, this is a great opportunity.  I’m not a beginner and my weekends are pretty busy these days.  So initially, I was going to skip this event.  But from my conversation with Dani Diaz last night, it sounds like there will be a decent range of information here, so I think I will attend too. 

I don’t know the full agenda but some of the speakers include Dani, Lindsay Rutter, Bill Wolff and Pete Brown.  That’s a good line up but to be perfectly honest, Pete Brown is the big draw for me.  I’ve been reading his blog since I started doing Silverlight development, this guy really knows his stuff.  One thing I’ve learned over time is that if a good speaker if giving a talk, even on a topic that I think I know fairly well, it is worth attending.  You never know what kind of tidbit you may pick up from them!

Hope to see you there.

2 thoughts on “Silverlight Firestarter Event Saturday Feb 21

  1. Nick,
    I am not involved with this event so I can’t speak definitively. But I don’t think it is a hands on event. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t try to follow along.
    The best information for setting up a machine for Silverlight development is right on the official Silverlight web site:



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