Today I am in Boston at the ReMix07 conference.  A team of us from Philly.Net came up together in Bill’s van.  It was a pretty comfortable ride and things went pretty well.  Although there was one point where Mark M directed us into a wrong turn in North Jersey.  We ended up in a field where Tony Soprano buries his bodies.  Anyway, we made it to Boston in the end.

This morning started with a keynote by Brad Abrams, Group Program Manager for the .Net Framework.  He showed off some cool examples of Silverlight.  One example I liked was a streaming video application for HSN.  You can watch (I don’t usually watch HSN, seriously) the HSN live in the browser.  The cool part is that the video stream is data encoded, so if you click on a "purchase" button within the Silverlight media player it let’s you purchase the item that happens to be showing in the video at that moment.  It’s a cool idea.  We saw some other samples too.  Tafiti is a cool Silverlight based search engine.  It has some interesting features and is worth checking out.  Also, check out for a free place to host your Silverlight projects.

The Keynote included a really cool demo.  It was very simple but it got the point across.  Brad created a little Silverlight 1.1 application with some animated XAML that has a click event.  The event is handled by .Net code running in the browser (yes, client side).  He of course created this with VS2008 running in Windows.  But then he FTP’d it up to a Linux server.  And then he pulled it down into a browser running on a Mac.  Yes, it seems that this stuff really runs on various platforms in various browsers.  Lastly, he used the Visual Studio debugger to attach to the Mac’s browser and stepped into the code running client side on the Mac!  How cool is that?

Today I sat in on presentations by Rocky Lhotka, Jeff Prosise, and Fritz Onion.  Not bad for one day.  Jeff’s talk on Silverlight 1.1 was great and had much more detail then the keynote’s Silverlight 1.1 samples.  Silverlight on the client runs 300-400 times faster then Javascript!  The Core CLR that will run on in the browser has a lot of functionality including LINQ, RegEx, Reflection, Generics and Threading!  Some stuff was stripped out to make the download small enough, including COM Interop, Remoting, Binary Serialization.  Most of that is stuff that shouldn’t be running in the browser anyway.  Jeff talked about the Transparent Model for security, all code is "sandboxed" to run safely. 

A few other things to mention:

1.  All of the presentations I saw today used C# as the .Net language!  Eat that VB.Net guys!  C# rules.

2.  Lindsay is awesome.  I promised I’d say that.

3.  I don’t have the photos yet but at dinner last night Mark M got into an argument with the waitress.  She the proceeded to scold him and force him to put on a dress, become a waitress, and take the order from the next table!  It was classic.

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