Since today is the last full day of winter, it seems appropriate to blog about the ice storm we suffered through on Friday.  What a mess.  I had no idea how bad the weather was until I left my office.  Luckily, I was warned by my wife to leave early.  As soon as I got outside it was apparent that this was gonna be a bad ride home.  My usual 45-55 minute commute turned into almost 2 hours to get home.  I don’t think I had ever seen so many cars on the side of the road.  Anyway, I made it home without any problems.  The snow/sleet/ice/rain continued to come down for a while.  Unfortunately, the wind was blowing in just the right direction because we had a snow drift in front of the door to the house.  It wasn’t that deep but it was frozen solid!  Same problem with the back door!  Uh oh, we are stuck in the house.  So I had to climb out the front window.


The snow wasn’t that deep but clearing the driveway was a huge pain because it was solid ice!

Welcome to Schwammy Says…

Well, here it is, my Blog!  I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while and I finally got around to getting it up and running.  Mostly, the problem was procrastination on my part.  Setting up the actual blog was pretty easy thanks to dasBlog

If A Tree Falls In The Woods And There Is No One There, Does It Make A Sound?

So what is the purpose of this blog you ask?  Good question.  I guess it is just a place for me to rant about what ever I want to.  I’ll be blogging about whatever seems interesting to me at the time.  Initially, that sounded like fun until I realized the problem…who am I speaking to?  Wait.  I mean “To whom am I speaking?”  If I am gonna do this blog, I should try to be grammatically correct.  Well I don’t know who is listening out there but hopefully in time there will be a crowd.