We had a another great Philly.Net meeting on March 21, 2007, packing several great speakers into one night. 


Presenter:  Rob Keiser, Row 5

Topic:  SharePoint 2007 Web Parts

We started off the night with Rob Keiser creating Sharepoint Webparts with ASP.Net 2.0.  Thanks to this new feature of ASP.Net 2.0, you don’t need to use Sharepoint to create your webparts.  As a bonus, he demonstrated how you can programmatically change MasterPages from inside Sharepoint.


Presenter:  Peter Laudati, Microsoft

As a special presentation, Peter Laudati, the Microsoft Developer Evangelist from NJ presented our own Bill Wolff with a plaque from Microsoft to thank him for 5 years of service as leader of Philly.Net


Presenter:  Bill Wolff, Agility Systems

Topic:  Windows Presentation Foundation

Bill showed us WPF:  Windows Presentation Foundation, XAML, Microsoft Expression Designer, Microsoft Expression Blend, and some demo’s courtesy of Channel9.  Bill demonstrated how to create a quick and easy application to show videos using Blend.  This demo also included how to use mouse events and formatting.  Lots of “Oohs and Ahhs” in this demo.  Like Bill said, this stuff is the future of programming.


Presenter:  Scott Ocamb, Knowledge InfoTech

Topic:  Workflow Foundation

After two presentations that were all about user interface, Scott showed us technology that doesn’t present a UI at all.  He used Visual Studio to show how to create sequential workflows, handle workflow events, and work with state diagrams.

He suggests the following links for more information:  http://odetocode.com/articles/465.aspx and http://www.netfx3.com



Our Sponsor:  Knowledge InfoTech

With about 90 attendees, the meeting was great thanks to the sponsorship of Knowledge Infotech who provided excellent sandwiches for dinner. 

Other swag was provided by Diamond Technologies, Microsoft and Wrox Press.

Philly.Net is expanding to include .Net Developer Usergroup meetings in South Jersey. 


Thanks to the hard work of Travis Laborde, our first meeting will be March 29th at New Horizons Training Center in Cherry Hill. 




For those of you who are new to Philly.Net, this is a totally FREE EVENT.  Please see our website for more information.  Please register in advance.

I recently got a new server, a Dell PowerEdge 2950.  Well actually, it isn’t mine.  It belongs to a client so I didn’t have to pay for it, but I get to play with it!!!
This baby really cranks.  Of course, I don’t often get to play with fast machines like this.  Maybe to you this is no big deal but I am impressed.

  • Processors:  2 @ Xeon 2.0 GHz – Each one is Dual Core

  • Memory: 4 GB Ram

  • Hard Drives: 3 300 GB Drives, SAS.

  • Dual Power Supplies

  • OS: Windows 2003 Server – 64 Bit.

  • A bunch of other stuff!

Gary, our resident network/hardware expert, has got this thing tweaked out too.  It’s all set up with RAID and a slew of partitions for stuff like data, page files, temp files, etc.  This should make it perform great. 

I am not used to the speed of this thing.  When we were formatting partitions you could get a sense of the speed.  A 128 GB partition formatted in about 10 seconds!  Note that this was NOT on the “Quick Format” setting.