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If you haven’t registered yet for Philly.Net’s Code Camp 2007.1 you are out of luck.  This event is full!  I am not surprised it didn’t take long for registration to fill up, there is a great list of presentations

A swag mans job is never done!

For those of you who are registered, you’ll be glad to know that I’ve been working hard to make sure we have lots of door prizes.  Many companies have been very generous with prizes for this event.  It is really awesome that we have their support.  Here is a sneak peek at some of the companies and prizes we’ll have.  This list is unofficial and will change.  Hopefully I’ll be adding more.  If you have any ideas for swag, please contact me.  I’ll try to keep this list updated as things change.


*Updated on 5/26

Contributor Contribution
Microsoft 1 Zune, 1 license Office, 1 license Vista, & 1 license Expression Web
New Horizons Learning Centers Breakfast
RDA Consultants Lunch
Apress Books
Cizer 1 Full License for Drop In Reporting for every attendee!
Component Art 1 Web.UI for ASP.NET Subscription License
Diamond Technologies $25 gift card, Memory Sticks and other swag
Dundas 1 Dundas Gauge, several licenses for Dundas Calendar for RS, a Dundas Software hoodie and other swag (pens, bags)
Google T-Shirts
JetBrains/ReSharper 5 personal licenses for ReSharper
O’Reilly 10 Books
Red-Gate Software A copy of the brand new version of ANTS Profiler and two copies of SQL Refactor.  Plus pens, t-shirts, memory sticks, etc.
Sams/Addison-Wesley Books, t-shirts, bags, pens, quick reference cards.
WROX 50 Wrox books, t-shirts

A few friends have asked lately about pasting code into blog posts from visual studio.  When you do add code, you want to retain the syntax highlighting features from VS so the code is more readable.  This is a snap with Windows Live Writer.  Live Writer is still considered Beta software but it seems to work pretty well for me.

All you need to do is go to the Live Writer Gallery and check out the cool pluggins that are available.  In this case, I am using the pluggin called “Paste From Visual Studio“.

Just install that and in a snap you go from this:


public void dosomething(string anArgument)
//this method doesn’t really do anything.
string message = “hello world”
DateTime date = DateTime.Now;

To This:

    public void dosomething(string anArgument)
        //this method doesn’t really do anything.
        string message = “hello world”;
        DateTime date = DateTime.Now;

It couldn’t be easier!  Now I just need to add some posts to this blog that really use some pasted code!  Check out this other post I wrote about some other cool features of Live Writer.

When I started this blog I continually went to Google to see if I came up in the search.  I did some research and found that you can “register” your URL with Google.  You can go to Google’s Add URL page and do the same.  I am not sure if it worked or not.  It could be that Google’s spider just reached me on its own.  They make no guarantees that a URL added to the list will even get added to their search.  Also, you can go to Google’s Webmaster Tools section.  There you can see when the spider hits your site, find out what queries people use to find your site, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

In my research I also found tips saying that I should include a lot of links in my blog posts.  And also TrackBacks from other blogs would help my ranking with search engines.

I can’t tell you if these tips worked specifically.  But I do know that my posts are coming up in Google searches (and other engines too) and I am happy about that!  By the way, some of the other search engines have similar tools to Google.  But you’ll have to do a little research on your own to find them.  Don’t forget to be a little patient.

Philly.Net is hosting Code Camp on May 19th.  Registration is now open!  This event will most likely “sell out” so register here  now before it is too late.  This is a FULL DAY, FREE event!

Bill has already arranged a great group of speakers with a wide variety presentation topics.  While they are subject to change, here is the list of topics. 


  • Internet MOSS
  • InfoPath
  • AJAX
  • Dev Testing
  • Sharepoint Workflows
  • Content Types

.NET 3.0/Orcas

  • WCF Intro
  • XAML, Silverlight
  • WF
  • WCF
  • LINQ


  • Framework Development
  • Enterprise Library
  • Unit Testing
  • Aspect Programming
  • NHibernate
  • CAB/Validation


  • MDX
  • Data Mining
  • DataFlows
  • Schedule Performance
  • TSQL
  • SSIS Scripts 


  • RSS
  • XNA
  • Tools
  • Powershell
  • Licensing
  • Compact Framework

Sponsors:  In addition to all of the knowledge you will get, there is free food too!  Morning refreshments are provided courtesy of New Horizons Learning Centers. Lunch is sponsored by RDA Consultants.

Door Prizes/ Raffles (aka swag)  But wait, there is more!  We’ll have lot’s of prizes to give away at the end of the day.  This is my department (they call me the “swag man”)!  I am currently working on getting door prizes from as many companies as possible.  If you would like to provide a door prize of any kind, contact me!  This is a great opportunity for any company to reach a great target audience: .Net developers in the Philadelphia area.  We’ve already got some great stuff to give away and looking for more.  Can you provide software,  books, hat, shirts, gift certificates, travel mugs, thumb drives, or anything else that would make a cool door prize?  Please contact me for more information.

 We were back again at SEI in Oaks, PA for another great Philly.Net meeting. 

 mark your calendars for the following upcoming events:

Wednesday May 16:  Philly.Net Pub night. Marc Ziss has set up the second pub night at the Great American Pub in Conshohocken.  Once again, Human Capital Management is coming through to sponsor the night.  Last time was a lot of fun.  Don’t miss this chance to have a beer or two with other members of Philly.Net.  No topics, no presentations.

Saturday May 19:  Code Camp is back!  Code Camp is a great way to learn a lot.  A whole day (8:30-5:30) including about 30 sessions on a variety of topics.  Bill is taking volunteers now for speakers.  Don’t miss this…you can’t beat this free event!


My Disclaimer:  The following is my summary of the presentations from the evening.  Hopefully I got the facts right.  I’ve included as many links to the topics as possible.  Check out the presenters blogs and websites for the most accurate information.  I’m happy to correct any mistakes. 

Note:  I’ll add the slides and content to this post as soon as I get them from the presenters.


Presenter:  Peter Laudati, Microsoft

Topic:  Windows CardSpace

Peter Laudati is the NY/NJ Developer Evangelist.  Since that job has been a vacant in the Philadelphia market for a while, Pete has been helping us out and supporting our user group.  Check out his blog for lots of information including postings about Microsoft events in the NY/NJ/PA area.  Pete started off with a quick overview of the different pieces of the .Net Framework 3.0CardSpace, formerly known as InfoCard, is one of those pieces.  To get the 3.0 Framework, you can download it from MSDN and run it on Windows XP or 2003.  But if you have Vista, it is already included.  CardSpace is part of a system that provides a digital identity designed to solve authentication issues that users experience.  It is meant to solve security issues on the internet such as phishing, fraud, password fatigue, and the multitude of authentication systems we must use.  Microsoft worked with several partners to create this system and they developed the Laws of Identity.  You can learn more about the that at:  Some of the key features they planned included consistent experience across contexts, it should be available on multiple platforms, and should have minimal disclosure for a defined use.  CardSpace is the client side identity selector piece that is implemented within applications.  The system includes self-issued (you create them yourself) and managed cards (such as credentials issued by a bank).

He showed a demo using CardSpace to login to the website  He also showed us an example in code of how to implement CardSpace.  Since there are only 4 key tasks to complete, implementation doesn’t look too difficult.  Peter also brought some great prizes to include in our raffle…Thanks Pete!



Presenter:  Robert Green, MCW Technologies

Topic: Using Windows Workflow Foundation to Build an Order Processing System

Rob started out with a little background.  He has two blogs.  The code samples will be on this blog but his more active blog is here.  He started out giving us the basics of Workflow Foundation.  After a few minutes he left the slides and jumped right into Visual Studio.  That’s a good presentation from my perspective!   In VS2005 he started dragging workflow items out of the toolbox, wrote a little code (yes, “Hello World”) , and showed just how quickly you can create a simple workflow.  He then explained the difference between a Sequential Workflow (basically, the steps all occur sequentially) and State Machine Workflow (the workflow does something, saves its state, and then waits for something else, maybe an external event, to happen).  He then walked us through a more complex example with a State Machine workflow.  This was a pretty complex sample with several steps and events.  But in spite of its complexity, Rob made it seem pretty easy to accomplish.  He summarized with his thoughts on the current State of Workflow.  To paraphrase, he really likes workflow but the tools through Visual Studio need some work but he is hopeful that it will all be resolved with the next version of VS code named “Orcas”.


Meeting Sponsor: 

   Provided excellent hoagies!  

Additional Door Prizes courtesy of:  ,    and Microsoft