Some time ago my wife and I found out that our baby, due in Feb, will be a boy!  It’s really sinking in that this baby is coming.  As weird as that sounds, my friends with kids say they felt the same way.  I guess it is harder for men, since we aren’t actually pregnant.  Now the responsibility of being a parent is starting to kick in. 

As if it isn’t bad enough that this poor guy is going to inherit my genes, I now face my first real situation to screw this kid up – picking a name for him.  This is a tough choice for many reasons but my wife and I are discussing a few options.  We’ve chosen to keep the name a secret.  That’s partly because the surprise will be fun, and partly because it shields us from a lot of criticism and suggestions.  If we tell people we’re gonna call him "X" people will tell us what they think, good or bad.  But if wait and announce it after he is born, people can’t really criticize us, it is too late!

My second dilemma is pretty serious too.  As I write this post, I am watching the NY Giants game.  Yes, I am a fan of the NY Giants, living in the Philadelphia suburbs.  I grew up in central NJ and have always been a big Giants fan.  My wife and her family are, of course, Eagles fans.  So this is a big situation.  Which team in this classic NFL rivalry will my child support?  Well, I am sorry to do this to him, but I plan to encourage him to back the Giants.  I’ll try not to share my "anti-Eagles" attitude with him.  So when the Eagles are playing, I’ll encourage him to cheer them on (I don’t want him to get picked on too much!) but when they are playing NY, I hope he’ll side with his old dad and cheer on the Giants.  Of course, he’ll eventually make his own decisions so who knows what will happen.

One thought on “It’s [Going To Be] A Boy

  1. Andy,

    Pretty funny – I too am a Giants fan – but I’ve tried to raise my son to be a home town team guy, and for the moment he likes both teams. Wait ’til they trade McNabb and the G-Men get to the playoffs…



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