When I installed the Release Candidate version of Visual Studio 2012, I of course installed ReSharper as well. When using the RC version, you have to use ReSharper’s Early Access Program release since the final version isn’t out yet. Use it at your own risk but it’s not likely to cause major issues.

For some reason, since I installed it, none of my ReSharper keyboard shortcuts (HotKeys) were working. I love my shortcuts and needed them back. It took a little playing around but I finally figured it out. Here is how I fixed it…

In the Visual Studio Menu, choose ReSharper > Options. Then go to the Environment section and Visual Studio Integration. There you’ll see the Keyboard Shortcuts settings. Of course, the setting was “Visual Studio” which was what I wanted. So I changed it to “none”, then hit “Apply Scheme” and then “Save”. The I did it all over again but selected “Visual Studio” instead of “None”. Presto, my hotkeys were back!

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