My contact at O’Reilly sent me this.  It’s a bit last minute, but if you have time, please help them.  Maybe you’ll win a free book!  Unfortunately it needs to be complete before Oct 17th.

O’Reilly Media is conducting research about in-person, live workshops on
software and business topics, and we’d really like your opinion.  If you
live in the United States and work in the tech industry, please consider
taking our 19 question survey to help us understand what you look for in
a live training course what motivates you, what you expect to get out
of a workshop, what topics you’d like to see, and so forth.  

To participate, please go to:

To show our appreciation, we’ll select 10 people at random to receive a
free book of your choice.  The drawing will happen on Friday, October
17, so you’ll need to complete the survey by that date to enter.  The
last question on the survey will ask for your e-mail we’ll use that
only to contact the randomly selected winners and your responses will
remain anonymous.

NoDeNUG, The Northern Delaware .Net Users Group has been going strong for a year now!  Wow time flies.  The success of this group is due to the hard work of John Baird for running the group.  They’ve also had a great partner in Diamond Technologies for sponsoring all (or at least most) of their meetings for an entire year.

For a few years people in the area wanted to start a .Net User Group in Northern DE.  A year ago, John, Mitch Ruebush, Doug White and myself finally got it going.  Dani Diaz helped of course.  Plus Nate Sharp (Diamond Tech) supported the group from the start, and since he and I worked for Diamond, owners Chuck Burns and Greg Ballance offered to host the first few meetings and sponsor one of them.  I think we were all pleasantly surprised that the first meeting had about 15 people, if my memory serves me correctly.  The second meeting had more, and it grew each month.  Diamond offered to host and sponsor the meetings for the year.

After the first few meetings, I was unable to help out anymore since I got a new job and wasn’t working in DE anymore.  It’s an hour from my home and I’m pretty busy with Philly.Net anyway.  But John has really done a great job with the group and it’s been growing and growing.  They moved out of Diamond’s office due to size constraints and now host meetings at Delaware Technology Park but Diamond continues to sponsor the meetings.  I hope to make it to some meetings soon, but it sure is a long drive down there for me.  I’m a bit out of touch and don’t know if Mitch or Doug are involved anymore.  As far as I know, John is running the show by himself (apologies if I am wrong).  Microsoft recently honored John for his efforts with NoDeNUG, among other things, by naming him a Microsoft MVP!

If you are in the area, you really should check out NoDeNUG.  Congrats to John Baird for making the groups successful.


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The big news this week is that Code Camp (Oct 11, 2008) registration is now open!  In the past we have filled up fast so if you plan to come, register now.  This year’s session list is even more diverse than ever since we now have tracks for IT and Infrastructure, in addition to our usual, SQL Server, Sharepoint, Alt.Net and more.


We’ve got great partners lined up too.  Thanks as always to them for their support.

Platinum:  DeVry University, Microsoft

Gold: Cigna, HostMySite, IDP, RJB, Software Logic

Silver: Infragistics

Plus, as usual we’ll have a bunch of prizes from lots of other vendors!


Lastly, don’t forget to join our LinkedIn Group:


See you at Code Camp!

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I’ll try to keep the news about Code Camp coming on a regular basis.  Here are some things that may be of interest:

We are planning 10 Tracks with two new topics:  IT Infrastructure and Enterprise Management.  Yes, we have expanded to include IT topics now!

Here is the list of tracks, of course subject to change:

  • Alt.NET
  • SharePoint
  • Architecture
  • SQL
  • Business Intelligence
  • Toolbox
  • Framework
  • IT Infrastructure
  • MIX (Web)
  • Enterprise Management

We’ve got a few Partners lined up already.  I can’t urge our members enough to check out these companies.  Without them Code Camp would not be possible.  Here’s the breakdown so far:

PlatinumDeVry and Microsoft

Gold: Software Logic and RGB Technical Consulting

Silver: Infragistics 

In addition some great companies have stepped up to send us prizes.  I’ll write about that soon!

If you are interested in helping out with Code Camp, please let me know.  We always need volunteers, in advance and on the big day.  If you’ve been there before you know how much work goes into an event like this.

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Time flies, so here comes another Philly.Net Code Camp.  Back at our favorite venue – DeVry U in Fort Washington, PA.

Once again we’ll have about 50 sessions.  In addition to the Developer and SQL stuff, this time we are including sessions for the IT guys (sorry… and gals) too with an Infrastructure track.  Bill will be announcing a call for speakers soon so get your topics ready if you want to present.

As usual, I’m heading up the quest for Partners.  If you are interested in contributing towards Code Camp, please let me know.  It’s a great way to reach the best Developers, DBAs and IT Pros in the Philadelphia area. 


Stay tuned for more information…

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