Last night I had the pleasure of presenting “Unit Testing Made Easy” at NoDeNUG (Northern Delaware .Net User Group).  I’ll be doing the same demo at Philly.Net Code Camp next week.  The NoDeNUG crowd was great and asked good questions.  That made the demo fun for me and I think it went very well.  I hope it goes over great at Code Camp too. 

I’m attaching a zip file containing my slides and Visual Studio Solution.  The demo should work fine on it’s own, the references to NUnit, MOQ, and StructureMap are all included.  But if you don’t have VS2010 with Premium or Ultimate and Feature Pack 2, the CodedUI (testing for Silverlight UIs) won’t work.  I hope it will build and run ok though.  If not, let me know and I’ll upload the solution without references to the Coded UI stuff.  Also, the demo uses a Silverlight application for the front end.  If you don’t have the Silverlight tools set up, you can either add them to Visual Studio, or simply exclude the Silverlight projects.  You’ll still be able to run the services and the unit tests, even if you can’t see how the UI looks.

If you’ve just come across this and haven’t heard my presentation you have two options:

1. Come to Philly.Net Code Camp next week (April 9) and hear the presentation then!

2. Just open the enclosed solution and have a look!  I’ve got sample code in there to demonstrate using Dependency Injection to make services easier to unit test, sample unit tests, and sample tests using mocking of dependencies.  I’m coding my tests with NUnit, using StructureMap for my IOC, and MOQ as my mocking framework.

Here is the code:

Again, if you have any problems with the solution, let me know and I’ll upload a copy without the Coded UI, or even without the Silverlight part.

NoDeNUG, The Northern Delaware .Net Users Group has been going strong for a year now!  Wow time flies.  The success of this group is due to the hard work of John Baird for running the group.  They’ve also had a great partner in Diamond Technologies for sponsoring all (or at least most) of their meetings for an entire year.

For a few years people in the area wanted to start a .Net User Group in Northern DE.  A year ago, John, Mitch Ruebush, Doug White and myself finally got it going.  Dani Diaz helped of course.  Plus Nate Sharp (Diamond Tech) supported the group from the start, and since he and I worked for Diamond, owners Chuck Burns and Greg Ballance offered to host the first few meetings and sponsor one of them.  I think we were all pleasantly surprised that the first meeting had about 15 people, if my memory serves me correctly.  The second meeting had more, and it grew each month.  Diamond offered to host and sponsor the meetings for the year.

After the first few meetings, I was unable to help out anymore since I got a new job and wasn’t working in DE anymore.  It’s an hour from my home and I’m pretty busy with Philly.Net anyway.  But John has really done a great job with the group and it’s been growing and growing.  They moved out of Diamond’s office due to size constraints and now host meetings at Delaware Technology Park but Diamond continues to sponsor the meetings.  I hope to make it to some meetings soon, but it sure is a long drive down there for me.  I’m a bit out of touch and don’t know if Mitch or Doug are involved anymore.  As far as I know, John is running the show by himself (apologies if I am wrong).  Microsoft recently honored John for his efforts with NoDeNUG, among other things, by naming him a Microsoft MVP!

If you are in the area, you really should check out NoDeNUG.  Congrats to John Baird for making the groups successful.


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I haven’t mentioned this recently, there is a NoDeNUG meeting tonight.  As one of the founders, I’m supposed to help promote the group but for some reason I forgot to mention this meeting on my blog.  What makes that even stranger is that I am the presenter tonight!  So if you are in the area, come out tonight to learn about Creating Custom Server Controls.  It’s free, and we’ll have pizza.

If you want to know more about these meetings, don’t rely on my blogging them.  Go to and sign up.  There’s no obligation of any kind and you’ll get our monthly meeting reminders via email.

It’s been in the works for a while but now it is official.  John Baird, Mitch Ruebush, Doug White and myself have formed NoDeNUG – the Northern Delaware .Net User Group.  We’ve also got the support of Dani Diaz, our local Microsoft Developer Evangelist.


  • We’ll meet on the last Thursday of the month at 5:30. 



  • September 27 – Kevin Goff
  • October 25 – Andy Schwam
  • November 29 – Dani Diaz
  • December – We’ll skip that because of the holidays.
  • January – Mitch Ruebush


More information will be coming soon.