I am writing this as part of a series of posts all about the benefits a developer gets from being a part of a developer community. I’ve personally put a lot into my own developer communities and I have gotten a tremendous amount out of it in return. In each of these posts, I’ll list a benefit of being involved in a developer community. If you aren’t involved yet, I hope you will be soon. I’ll list some ways to get involved below…

First, what is a developer community?

In most industries, people refer to their business network. The network is made up of connections that you build over time, get to know, and support. Often, developers say we belong to a developer “community” and I think that is such a nicer idea. A community cares about each other and a community helps each other.

Today’s Benefit: Motivation

A community of your peers can be very motivating

Early in my career I joined Philly.NET, my local .NET User Group (user groups are now known as “MeetUps” Smile). I remember thinking how amazing it was that people would come to these meetings and teach me for free, just because they liked sharing information! Before long, I started making friends at the meetings. I got to know the organizers, the regulars that attended all the meetings, and the presenters. We’d often keep talking out in the parking lot after a meeting ended and sometimes we’d get drinks afterwards. It was great to talk with people who were passionate about their work, just like I was. As a matter of fact, it made me even more passionate about my work! Meeting people who were really smart and really good at their work inspired me to keep learning, to keep trying new things, and to improve my skills. I was really motivated to grow as a developer. And it was great to have the comradery of people who ran into the same problems as I did. In our business, it is pretty easy to feel like a failure. You can spend days trying to solve seemingly simple problems and easily doubt yourself. But having this group of friends with similar interests and experience helped me realize that all developers have struggles and they all get stuck.

Want to join a developer community?

Join your local developer meetup. You can find tons of them on meetup.com

A local meetup is a great place to learn and build your own network. Don’t be shy. Introduce yourself to the people sitting next to you. Many people there are looking to network and build a community but they just don’t know how to do it. So take the first step. Say “Hi”. And don’t be afraid to ask questions. The speakers spend a lot of time prepping material to present and are happy to talk with you about it.

Join an online community – lots of the same benefits without leaving your chair!

The latest wave in the Developer Community: Live Streaming & Live Coding

While gamers have been streaming for a while, developers have recently realized that live streaming platforms are great for our kind of content too. The great part of Live Streaming is that the audience can really participate and join the conversation. Via the comments, viewers can ask questions, make suggestions, and even joke around with the host, all Live during the stream. This makes the stream very interactive and people actually get to know one another through participation. What makes Live Coding so interesting is that it tends to be unscripted. The sessions often end up like “paired programming” or even “group programming” with the viewers getting their ideas into the mix. While there are many developers doing live streaming, I am personally involved in two different projects

Schwammy Streams: Wednesdays at Noon Eastern Standard Time

Coding, Fun, and a Bit of Chaos

This is a solo project but I plan to invite guests on to code with me! I try to keep the show to about an hour since it is over lunch. I hope you will join me while we build this new, online, community together. On the stream, we are building some simple software but treating it like a professional project. It’s built with some of my favorite patterns, it has unit testing, DevOps, and more. In time it will get more and more features to demonstrate various frameworks and libraries. I even hope to have several UIs for the application so I can play with Angular, React, Vue, Blazor, and any other framework. The basic API is written with C# and ASP.NET Core.

To make it easier for viewers, I am streaming on 3 different platforms. Please join me on which ever you like:

The Dev Talk Show: Wednesdays at 8:30PM Eastern Standard Time (sometimes 9pm start)

Developers doing what developers do, recorded during a live stream.

This show is loads of fun. I cohost the show with my friends Chris Gomez and Rich Ross and we talk about all kinds of stuff that’s of interest to developers. We invite you to join our online community for conversations about anything from C# features to how to lead a dev team. We typically throw in demos and live coding too. We have guests from time to time and we love when viewers join in via the stream chat sharing their own opinions, questions and comments. We usually stream live from the Microsoft MTC in Malvern, PA where there is a really cool studio. And sometimes we are all remote.

We typically stream out on multiple platforms as well but occasionally (due to some technical limitations) only Mixer.

There are many great developer streams to choose from

If my style or content, isn’t right for you, find a stream that meets your needs. Search the web or ask your friends and peers which streams they like. Here are a few other recommendations:

What? You haven’t registered for the best developer conference in the Northeastern U.S. yet? Well don’t worry, there is still time. First, let me tell you why you need to attend.

Full disclosure: I am a founding board member of the TechBash Foundation. Myself and a few other people run this event for the community. We make no money from the event. All fees and revenue generated by TechBash are put directly into the event to cover costs.

OK, on to it…

What is TechBash?

TechBash is a 3 day developer conference. If you are interested in topics like .NET, Web, Cloud, JavaScript, DevOps, Architecture, Patterns, Mobile, Frameworks and more, you should be at TechBash.

Why should you be at TechBash 2017?

I’ll summarize and you can read on below for more details:

1. Content – TechBash has got great content. Want to learn about the latest frameworks and patterns from industry experts? We’ve got them. Want to hear directly from Microsoft employees and MVPs? We’ve got plenty of them. TechBash is bringing in the best speakers from top tech companies to deliver content to you. read more…

2. Location TechBash is organized by a small group of developers who were tired of traveling across the country for good content. So now they are bringing the content to you. TechBash is in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. That’s less than a 2 hour drive from NYC or Philly. Plus, the short drive time means you won’t need to ask your boss for two extra travel days. read more…

3. Price. Book now and you can register for TechBash plus 3 nights in the hotel for less than $1000. That’s a great price for a conference of this caliber. Plus, no airfare needed so TechBash fits into your budget!  After 9/8 hotel rates may vary. read more…

4. Venue  The Kalahari Resort. This is the largest indoor water park in the country. So while you are coming to learn and network with tech leaders from around the country and meet up with old friends and new, you can have a little fun and hit the water slides. read more…

5. Fun for the Family – Yes, it’s a huge water park. But there are a ton of other activities at the Kalahari Resort and nearby. Plus, Friday afternoon we have Sara Chipps hosting a Jewelbots build event for kids 8 and up. They can learn to code too. read more…


Plus, if you want to bring the whole team, contact us regarding group discounts: info@techbash.com


Great Content – Learn from the best

We’ve got great speakers from top tech firms around the country coming in to speak to you. And you may notice these are some of the same speakers that you’ll see at much more expensive conferences. Here are a just few of our featured speakers:



And if you are interested in content direct from Microsoft, we’ve got that too:


OK, here is a full list of our speakers. You can see our current schedule on our website.

Alon Fliess, Ambrose Little, Anne Bougie, Anoop Kumar, Ashley Grant, Bill Wolff, Cameron Presley, Chris Houdeshell, Damian Brady, Danny Brown, Dave Voyles, Donovan Brown, Eran Stiller, Erika Carlson, Gajan Pathmanathan, Jason van Brackel, Jeffrey Fritz, Jeremy Clark, Jim Wooley, Joseph Guadagno, Joshua Garverick, Ken Dale, Kevin Griffin, Lee Brandt, Nate Barbettini, Nick Landry, Ondrej Balas, Oren Novotny, Paul Hacker, Richard Taylor, Sam Basu, Sara Chipps, Scott Allen, Scott Kay, Stephanie Herr, Stephen Bohlen, Steve Michelotti

Location – If you are in the Northeast, we are close by

Just check out the map below. We are about 2 hours from NYC, NJ, and Philly. We are close by to Delaware, Central and Western PA, NY State, Maryland, DC and much more. The best part is that you don’t need to sit on long flights or ask the boss for extra travel days just to attend TechBash! Oh, and that means travel costs are lower too.


Price – The Price is Right!

TechBash fits your budget! An all access ticket to TechBash is only $349. That includes 3 days of content plus breakfast, lunch and coffee/snacks too. Compare that price to some other conferences and see what you think. Of course, you’ll need to stay over for a few nights. We’ve got great prices reserved at the Kalahari Resort (use group id 1145) and if you book quickly you can still get the conference registration and 3 nights in the hotel for under $1000. That is an incredible deal for the content we provide. If you need help convincing your boss, check this out.

Venue – The Kalahari Resort is AWESOME!

To start, The Kalahari is a first class conference center with plenty of Wi-Fi to go around! The place was brand new last year and this year they expanded to add another 500 hotel rooms. Plus, it is now the largest indoor waterpark in the country! So after you are done learning from the best, hit the slides and have some fun!


Family Fun – There is plenty to do!

Bring the whole family to TechBash! The kids will love the waterpark but that isn’t all there is for families. This year TechBash is very proud to announce that Sara Chipps will be offering a hands-on event for kids ages 8 and up to learn to code and work with Jewelbots. Kids will learn entry level coding and Arduino. Plus there is face painting, crafts, and more! There is a $10 ticket required to cover costs for this. Check out all of the great stuff to do while at TechBash on our site. We’ve got a ton of ideas.

I hope I’ve shown you why TechBash is the best conference for you. Contact me via my blog if you have any questions.




We are having a blowout sale on TechBash tickets. Plus, the Kalahari has extended our room discount (while supplies last). You can now attend TechBash (tickets and hotel) for under $650! Here is the news you need…

TechBash is Sept 28-30 2016, Pocono Manor, PA

Here are 3 great reasons to register for TechBash 2016

1. The Content is really awesome!

The first and most important reason to attend a tech conference is learning. We’ve got you covered with some of the best and most knowledgeable speakers from across the country! At TechBash you will get the facts from experts. Learn about web, cloud, DevOps, design patterns, and tools. Want to learn about Microsoft tech like ASP.Net, Azure, C# or Visual Studio? At TechBash you will get expert knowledge and great perspective because we have speakers from inside and outside of Microsoft. Here are some names to get you interested:

From Microsoft: Amanda Lange, Chris Risner, Dave Voyles, David Giard, James Tramel, Jeffrey Fritz, Joel Cochran, Pete Brown, Stephen Bohlen

Microsoft MVPs: Chris Woodruff, Iris Classon, James Bender, Jesse Liberty, Jim Wooley, Joseph Guadagno, Ondrej Balas, Oren Novotny, Sam Basu, Steve Michelotti, Kevin Hazzard, and organizers Alvin Ashcraft, Andy Schwam, Brian Minisi, Devin Rader

But that’s not all: We’ve got other top speakers including Glenn Bock, Joe Kuemerle, Kendall Miller, Ashley Grant, Bradley Holt and more!


Click here to see our full schedule!

2. The Location is great (and close by to many of you)!

Our venue, the Kalahari Resort is really cool. It’s a new Resort, Conference Center, and 100,000 sq. ft. indoor waterpark! TechBash is located in the Pocono Mountains in PA. That means it’s not only a beautiful setting, but it’s also really close. If you are in the northeast US and tired of flying cross country for tech conferences, TechBash is for you. We are less than a 2-hour drive from New York City, Philadelphia, and northern NJ. And this location is still within reasonable driving distance of many other major cities in the northeast, including Boston, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Washington, DC!


3. The Price is Right!

This Labor Day we’re celebrating everyone who puts in a hard day’s work by offering you the best TechBash deal yet.

Our best price ever: Buy your ticket between August 31st and September 7th using the promo code TBLABORDAY and we’ll knock $100 off the normal registration price and you get our discounted Kalahari hotel room rate of $159 per night. This offer is for a limited by room availability at the Kalahari so don’t wait.

Now is the time to register!

Talk to your company, and let them know great advantages of attending TechBash. Tell your boss that about the content and the savings. Talk to your family, and think about combining the conference with a long weekend of water park fun! If you want any other information, contact me or check out our website www.techbash.com.

TechBash 2016 is a non-profit, community run event.