One thing I really hate about doing Silverlight development is trying to search for good information on the Internet.  When I look for a solution to a problem I am having, I always run into a lot of “noise” in the form of outdated posts that aren’t relevant anymore.  There are a ton of questions, answers, and sample solutions on the web from developers working with the Silverlight 2 Beta release.  I know this was all helpful information to share at the time, but a lot of it is useless now.  The problem is, sometimes you have to read the post a bit in order to figure out that the developer was on the Beta.  I’ve gotten to the point where the first thing I do is look at the date on the post before I read on.  What makes this even more complicated, is sometimes the information in these posts is still relevant and very helpful! 

Oh well, at least we are lucky to be developers in an age where so much information is shared among members of the community.  Can you imaging having to read manuals for all your information ;) ?  I don’t mean to discourage anyone from posting.  Don’t take me too seriously, I’m just ranting.

4 thoughts on “Can’t we just delete all of the Silverlight Beta "noise" from the Internet?

  1. Rob,

    How are you these days? Thanks for the comment. I like StackOverflow a lot. But even there you see a lot of posts about Beta software. It is only natural as for a long time, people really struggled with the Beta version. In time, what happens is there is more and more newer content for the release version and it eventually "pushes the old stuff down" so it comes up less in the searches.

    Thanks for mentioning these other resources. I use them all the time, we all should!

    -Andy (Schwammy)

  2. Peter,

    Agreed. I remember having the same problem with other new software like when ASP.Net 2.0 came out, or more recently with LINQ to SQL. It is part of the natural progression I guess. Yes, as you say, Silverlight is young. I can’t wait to see where it goes in the next version. I find it very difficult to work with at times, but I like it more and more as I get used to it.


    Andy (Schwammy)


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