I have an idea, I hope it will catch on like the “I’ve Been Tagged” (see below) series of blog posts.  It was inspired by my previous blog post, which was inspired by a recent post by Scott Hanselman.  I encourage all bloggers to write a post and mention 5 people that influenced their careers.   It doesn’t have to be a chain, you don’t need to be “tagged” to join in.  Just pick your 5 people.  None of the people I am naming have blogs themselves.  It’s just a chance to say thank you.  You can pick anyone you want, it doesn’t even have to be someone you know personally or worked with, just someone who has had an impact on your career.

So here is my list:  5 People That Influenced My Career.  I suggest Including a name, relationship, current title, and description.  (These are in order of when we met, by the way)

Name Relationship Current Title Influence
Roz Schwam my Mom “mom” She raised me and gave me my values.  She always encouraged me to work hard and do my best.
Marc Ziss best friend President, Z Consulting In addition to being a great friend, Marc has always been a sort of “career advisor” for me.  He gave me a lot of encouragement when I decided to change careers. In fact, he pretty much convinced me to do so.  And he has provided a lot of guidance through several job changes since.
Dennis Meagher friend and brother-in-law Executive Director, Walt Disney Company Before he was family, Dennis was one of my first boss’s at the movie theatre in college and we continued to work together in the film industry until my career change.  I learned a lot about working hard, having a good work ethic, and perseverance from Dennis.  He’s not just a brother in law, but a great friend.
Joe Saladino friend, previous boss Senior Vice President / Central Division Manager, Paramount Pictures Joe was my boss for several years at Sony and was one of the first people I ever considered a Mentor at work.  He provided me with lots of career advice and friendship throughout my career in the film industry.  He was a good leader and I learned a lot from him.
Bill Wolff friend, we work together for Philly.Net Consultant, Leader of Philly.Net Through his work at Philly.Net (The Philadelphia .Net User Group), Bill has had a big influence on many people’s careers including mine.  I got my previous and current job because of contacts I have made from Philly.Net.  If it were not for Bill’s hard work in running that organization I would not have made many of the contacts that have influenced my career and position in our .Net community.  Add to that all of the information I picked up at monthly sessions over 5 years.

*If you aren’t familiar with “I’ve Been Tagged”, it is a series of blog posts where the blogger writes 4 or 5 things about themselves.  Then the blogger “tags” 5 other people by adding their names to the post.  Those 5 people do the same.  Sure, it’s kind of like a chain letter but there is a purpose.  It has spread to include many, many people.

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