Last week’s show about The Single Responsibility Principle was really fun and we all learned a lot. We had some of our best discussions (via Twitch chat) ever.We love when the audience gets involved in the show like that.

This week, we will continue our series on The SOLID Principles with The Open-Closed Principle. The SOLID Principles are a set of guidelines to help developers in building software that is easier to maintain, read, and enhance. But there are various ways to interpret and implement these principles so having an open discussion is really important. So join us as we keep the series going.

Previous shows in the series are NOT prerequisites. Don’t worry, just join in when you can!

Open-Closed Principle

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Software development is about a lot more than just writing a few lines of code. These days developers need to know about multiple languages, handling data, security, the cloud, devops, and much, much, more (I also need to know how to connect my mother’s printer and help her with Zoom and her AOL mail too). These days there is a big focus (thankfully) on writing great, clean code that is easy to maintain, read, and enhance and this is where the SOLID Principles of Software Design come in. SOLID (an acronym) has grown really popular over the years and is often seen as a requirement in job postings. Following these principles can really help with coding but, like everything else, it takes practice. And, the principles can be a bit confusing to new comers. Even experienced developers often ask questions like

“Am I following principle X properly?”


“Have I gone too far and over complicated my code?”


“How do I achieve a balance between following good design principles and getting things done?”

Well, worry no more friends, The Dev Talk Show is here to help! We are starting a 5 week series of shows with each one dedicated to one of the SOLID Principles. In each show, we’ll explain the principle and discuss situations where it does and does not apply. We’ll break things down and have conversations about the principles, including your comments and questions. Yes, we broadcast LIVE on Twitch so you can and should participate! And if you miss the live show, you can catch up with the archives on YouTube.

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Episode 1: The Single Responsibility Principle

  • Live Wed 8/12 at 8:30 PM Eastern

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