Today the Visual Studio team announced some changes to the look of Visual Studio 11. You can read about it here.

When the Beta came out a little while back there was quite a lot of talk about the new look for the UI. I wrote a blog post about it as well. Many people were pretty upset about the new “metro” look to Visual Studio. I wasn’t completely in love with the new look at first myself. A flood of complaints came in as people got their first look at the new skin to a familiar tool. I think all the complaining was premature. As I stated in my blog post, once I started using Visual Studio 11 I got used to it pretty quickly. I’ve been using it a lot over the past month or so and I’ve even gotten to the point where I like it more than VS 2010. However, I do think it was missing some color. Well, people complained and Microsoft listened. I think that was pretty cool. Today the public got a peek at the changes that have been put into the release candidate. I won’t bother pasting images in, I think you should read about it on the Visual Studio blog. I really think that they achieved a nice balance, putting in some color where needed to enhance the experience.

I think it is time t move on from this topic. I’ll close with a few points:

  1. Visual Studio 11 has tons of great features. The new look is just on the surface. People should play with it for a while and see what is inside!
  2. Don’t be so quick to judge. I’ll admit, I had some doubts but I gave it a chance. I think the designers made a few mistakes but they are fixing them. For instance, the old icons were hard to read when they had borders around them. I’m glad this is fixed. I’m glad they added some color back in to, it makes certain icons stand out nicely. But when you give it some time you may find that these designers were also right about of lot of their ideas. VS11 is quite easy to use.
  3. It’s over. Stop complaining. Like many people, I don’t like the All Caps menus that are in the latest refresh. SO WHAT? Is it really that big a deal? Is this really worth switching over to Java and using Eclipse? Some people are actually talking like that should be our response. Come on people, get a grip.