It’s been a busy few months since my last post.  Ben’s building his vocabulary and knows a bunch of words.  He’s also working on his “animal sounds”.  He knows that a cow says “moo” and a bunch of others.  If you ask him what a pig says, he makes a sort of coughing sound.  I figured out he is saying the end of the word “oinK”.  Ben was a little late to the game for walking. But he really got the hang of it and was very proud to be walking around.  But then he had a bit of an accident and broke his leg!  It sounds pretty crazy but the doctor says it is really quite common.  The specific break is actually called a “toddler’s fracture”  To be clear, we aren’t talking about one of those nasty “dangling limb” breaks.  Just a crack.  It still sucks for a 15 month old kid.  So poor Benny has a cast on his leg and that put an end to walking for a while. 

It’s actually quite interesting to see Ben respond to this situation.  When the accident happened he was really unhappy and scared.  I don’t think he was in a terrible amount of pain if he kept still.  But he was really scared, he knew something was not right in a serious way.  It took a while in the hospital and he did not like it when they splinted and wrapped his leg (the cast would get put on the next day at the Orthopedist’s office).  However, as soon as his leg was immobilized he was out of pain and started turning back to normal, even playing a bit.  I expected him to play with the splint or try and take it off.  But he just ignored it.  I think somehow he actually understood that it was helping him.  Even when the cast got put on, he never pulled at it or anything.  He just accepted the situation – “now I have a cast on my leg, what’s next?” He was back to crawling full time but didn’t seem to care about the broken leg at all.  He eventually started to stand on it (leaning  on furniture) and now even takes as many as 8-10 steps on it!  He’s not really supposed to but it isn’t so easy to keep him off it.  The worst part of the whole thing is 6 weeks with no baths (not real ones, anyway), sand, swimming, dirt etc.  Anyway, in 2 weeks the cast is coming off.  My expectation is he’ll quickly adjust back, start walking and that will be the end of that story.

We’ve also joined the Philadelphia Zoo.  This is a great idea for any family and we are really liking it, with 2 trips in so far this summer.  Benny loves it and points and yells at the animals.  We’ve also seen a lot of family lately including a visit to the park with Grandma and Longstreet Farm with his cousins. 

The last new thing is that we’ve been taking Ben for bike rides (he hangs out in a trailer), it’s fun for the whole family.  Wow, so much to talk about, I really need to post these things more often!  Here’s a bunch of photos:

  • Craft Time for Ben, Mommy and cousin Fiona!

DSC04082 DSC04084

  • With Grandma on Passover.  A classic “how big is Benny?” photo!


 DSC04104 DSC04110 DSC04120 DSC04121 DSC04137

  • Here’s a shot of Ben with his cast.


  • Benny’s catching a free ride with Uncle Dennis, and posing with cousins Kaycie, Allie, Sami and Jake at Longstreet Farm.  Also Benny is his bike trailer – and looking cool too!

 DSC04146 DSC04154 DSC04167