These days Ben is just a ton of fun.  Ben loves to visit with family because there is always someone who is happy to hold him and give him attention.  And he can really turn on the charm for them too.  Here’s Ben with Cousins Kaycie, Allie and Samantha, his Uncle Dennis, and his Grandma, and his GG (Great Grandma) and Nat.  Oh, I guess I am in that last one too, but who cares about me these days?

DSC03459 DSC03461 Ben and Grandma cropped DSC03474

Ben has already been to the beach a few times to visit Zayda and Bubbie (Grandpa and Grandma).  Here’s Ben hanging with Zayda, relaxing on the beach, and taking a nap with Mommy after a hard day of having fun.

DSC03518 DSC03546DSC03521 

Ben also got to see his cousin Allie in a dance competition.  We were surprised at how much he seemed to enjoy it.  He watched the dancers on stage the whole time and love the music too!  Here is is with Aunt Jane, me and Allie.At Allies Dance cropped

Ok, these next few are just too cute to leave out…

DSC03534 DSC03535

Like most of us, I was excited when Vista came out.  Microsoft promised great things.  I was pretty quick to install it too.  I have a pretty nice machine so I figured it would be a cinch.  Unfortunately, I had some problems from the start, especially getting Aero set up.  One new video card later, I got it working.  Sure I love some of Vistas features but I am really starting to wonder if it is all worth the trouble.

Let’s face it, when it comes to performance, Vista isn’t getting the best reviews.  It uses a lot of RAM and CPU.  And don’t get me started on Trusted Installer!  Aero is cool but the fact is, on both my home PC (Dual Core 3.2 G processor with 3 G RAM) and my work laptop (Dell D830), I have Aero turned OFF!  I find it uses up too many resources. 

Now I don’t mind all of the UAC (User Access Control) prompts.  I do feel a safe and secure knowing that Vista won’t let anything happen without my explicit permission.  But when I can’t delete a file on my own computer I start to get mad.  On several occasions lately (including one today) I’ve literally had to restart my PC before Vista would let me access a file to delete it.  Who does Vista think it is?  I’m the admin on this machine!  That is annoying.

On top of all that, I’ve been struggling to get a RAID array set up on my home PC.  My motherboard supports it, I’ve got all the drivers updated, and the RAID utility confirms that my array is configured properly.  But Vista doesn’t care at all!  I thinks I have two drives where I expect to see one RAID 1 (Mirrored) array.  I’ve been on the phone with ASUS, the motherboard manufacturer and they have confirmed that I have done everything correctly.  They blame Vista.  Is Vista at fault?  Who knows.  But right now I am starting to think it is.


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