We’ve scheduled our next Code Camp for January 12, 2008.  This time we’re having it at DeVry University so we have room for many more people.  This could be Philly.Net’s biggest and best code camp ever!  I’ve started working on contributors and prizes and Bill and Steve are rounding up the speakers.  We’re planning to have 8 tracks running!  If you are interested in speaking, let us know and we’ll put you on the schedule.  We’ll have .Net, ASP.Net, SQL, Office, Sharepoint, Alt.Net and more.

I am proud to announce that we have our first Silver Level Contributor lined up.  Thanks to SteelBlue Solutions.  Miguel Castro, a very popular speaker (and Microsoft MVP) makes a cool code generator named CodeBreeze…check it out.  Other companies lining up to contribute and I’ll have more information soon.  Let me know if you are interested in Contributing money or prizes.

Other Events:

Silverlight FirestarterDani Diaz is putting together a Microsoft event on December 15th.  It’s a full day of designing and developing with Microsoft Silverlight. And if you have a lot of energy, stick around because at 5:30PM they are having an XBOX party!  Register here.

VS 2008 Install Fest:  Sorry for the late announcement, this one is Tomorrow (Dec. 4).  Come to the Microsoft Malvern office and install a copy of VS 2008.  If you do, you’ll get a free license.  Pretty sweet.  But you’ve got to be registered.

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