I’ve got some speaking engagements coming up.  It almost sounds like an official tour is planned.

Presentation Topic: Developing Custom Controls for ASP.Net

Description:  In this demo I’ll show you how to get started creating your own custom server controls for asp.net.  I’ll show how to create controls, expose public properties to make them easier for other developers to implement, and handle events from the control.  We’ll  create a ControlDesigner so Visual Studio can render the control at design time.  I’ll even build some extra features into the control using Ajax.


I’m really excited to get out to some of these other groups for these presentations.  If you live near any of these groups, check them out.  They’ve all got regular, monthly meetings with great .Net content.  I’ve also got calls in to Madison Square Garden, LA Coliseum, Wembley Stadium and others.  But I haven’t heard back from them yet.

Please, no brown M&M’s.

Update:  When I get some time I’ll be writing the demo out as a tutorial blog post.  In the mean time, if you are interested in the source code for this demo, here it is:

ControlsDemo.zip (1.05 MB)

Code Camp is just 10 days away!  The Philly.Net leadership has been working hard on all of the details.  We had a meeting last night at Rob’s house.  Attendees included Bill Wolff, Rob Keiser, myself, Marc Ziss, Marc Magliocco, David Mann, and Dani Diaz.  Here are some of the items discussed about Code Camp and Philly.Net in general:

  • We may have to move Pub Night.  Keep an eye out for more information soon.  We didn’t realize that it was scheduled on Rosh Hashanah.  We are looking at Tuesday night instead.
  • We (loosely) planned out the food for Code Camp.  We’ll have breakfast (bagels or muffins) with coffee and juice.  For lunch we’ll have big hoagies like last time.  Plus we’ll have snacks throughout the day including water and soda.
  • This time we are going to try and stagger the lunch schedule, so don’t panic when you see the session schedule.  Hopefully we’ll have shorter lines to get food.
  • Bill is going to try and send out a confirmation email to registered attendees soon.
  • David Mann is starting up a new group for developers using Microsoft Office, VSTO, etc.  I’ll post more when the details come out.
  • Several of us are starting a new .net user group in northern Delaware.  Check out this web site for more info.  I’ll be speaking there October 25th.  Please spread the word about this new group.
  • Check out the ReMix 07 conference.  If you missed Mix07 last spring, here’s your chance to get caught up on ASP.Net, Silverlight, AJAX and more.
  • Check out our future meeting schedule on the web site.  You’ll see that we don’t have many speakers or sponsors lined up for future meetings.  Here is your change to do presentation or be a sponsor.
  • Rob’s new nickname is Bubba.  You’ll have to ask.

See you at Code Camp!  Don’t forget, you can check out the swag/prizes here.

It’s official, I’m going to be a dad.  Of course, I am pretty excited about it but I am also pretty nervous.  Life as I know it is about to change. 

My wife and I have been telling our friends and family about our expected baby.  More then one person responded to me with “So you got one past the goalie!”  Goalie?  What goalie?  The goalie was already in the locker room.  If the goalie was anywhere near the goal she’d have been helping with rebounds! 

Telling the women we know is a lot of fun.  They all seem so sincere about how great it is to be parents and how much we’ll love our child, etc, etc.  Some of my male friends have a different response.  They say they are happy for me, but behind their words I hear a sort of sinister laugh.  The kind of laugh that says they can’t wait to watch me dealing with all of the issues.  A “misery loves company” kind of thing.  Thanks guys.  Maybe I shouldn’t have made fun of them all these years about how I can sleep late, do whatever I want do (spontaneously), and relax at will.  Maybe I shouldn’t have played with their kids until they were completely out of control and then, with a simple “See ya”, walk out the door.   What’s that they say about pay backs?

Na, nothing to worry about.  This is gonna be a piece of cake… Wink