If you are registered for Philly.Net Code Camp 2007.1 for this Saturday you should have received an email from Bill Wolff.  In that email is a link to a session survey.  Please make sure you complete the survey.  The purpose is so Bill can assign rooms to the presenters.  Since some rooms are smaller than others, this survey will help us get an idea of which will be the most crowded.  Don’t worry, if you change your mind you can still attend any session.  This is just to get an idea of session attendance.

Tech-Ed is coming up quickly.  I’ve been looking at the session catalog on line.  There is going to be a lot of great content and I am already trying to figure out how my time will be best spent.  Jeff just got back from Mix07 and he is really excited about the demo’s/presentations that he saw.  I asked him about his favorites figuring they might do some repeats at Tech Ed.  Check out his thoughts.  The cool thing is that we don’t need to wait until Tech-Ed to hear the presentations.  Just go to the sessions page on the Mix07 site and listen to the presentations over the web!  It even uses Silverlight to stream the media!

Updating this post: Scott Guthrie has a great post today where he explains some of the technology discussed at MIX07.  He also recommends several sessions for us to watch over the web.

Code Camp is almost here…May 19th and I am getting pretty excited.  Those of you who were lucky enough to register before we filled up have a great day ahead.  Here is an updated list of the swag we’ve got to give away.  There will be something for every attendee!  As you can expect, we’ll have a raffle at the end of the day with some great “big ticket” items.  But wait, there’s more!  We’ve got so much stuff we will have prizes given out during every session!  So in addition to the great presentations, there will be many chances for you to win something very cool.  Of course, check out the Philly.Net site for the full days schedule.

We’ll be giving away 13 software licenses, A Zune, books, T-shirts and lots of other cool stuff!  You’ll have lots of chances to win.  Of course, with great topics and content all day for free, everyone is a winner!

Here is the latest list of stuff:  (I hope I didn’t miss anything)

Contributor Contribution
Microsoft 1 Zune, 1 license Office, 1 license Vista, & 1 license Expression Web
Perficient Breakfast
RDA Consultants Lunch
Apress Books
Cizer 1 Full License for Drop In Reporting for every attendee!
Code Magazine Code Magazine for every attendee!
Component Art 1 Web.UI for ASP.NET Subscription License
Diamond Technologies $25 gift card for one winner.  Plus, a travel mug for every attendee!
Dundas 1 Dundas Gauge, several licenses for Dundas Calendar for RS, a Dundas Software hoodie and other swag (pens, bags)
Google T-Shirts
JetBrains/ReSharper 5 personal licenses for ReSharper
O’Reilly 10 Books
Red-Gate Software A copy of the brand new version of ANTS Profiler and two copies of SQL Refactor.  Plus pens, 20 t-shirts, 25 memory sticks, etc.
Sams/Addison-Wesley 6 Books, 8 t-shirts, bags, pens, quick reference cards, etc
Sharepoint Advisor Sharepoint Advisor magazine for every attendee.
WROX 50 Wrox books, 30 t-shirts

I’m still in the process of getting my computer all set up since the move to Vista.  Like most developers, I have a lot of software and tools to install.

The other day I installed SQL Server but I had a little trouble getting Reporting Services installed because I didn’t meet the requirements. 

I’ve installed Reporting Services a few times in the past on XP.  So before I even started I installed IIS.  To do so, go to Control Panel > Programs.  From there you can click “Turn Windows features on or off”.  You’ll get a little pop-up with a list of features.  I later learned that just choosing Internet Information Services (and the sub topic World Wide Web Services) is not enough.  I know this because that is all I did and Reporting Services would not install!  Luckily I found this article at support.microsoft.com.  I had to go back and choose some extra features of IIS that did not get installed by default.  The article explains the whole thing, but this picture should make it easy to see which features need to be enabled. 

Yes, it is a small picture but click it so see it full size!

 After making these changes, Reporting Services installed in a snap.  Good luck.