Philly.Net’s November meeting is a return to the “15 Minutes of Fame” format.  We had 10 speakers each providing a 15 minute presentation.  Sort of a geek sampler.  In addition to my duties as Swag Man (if you don’t know, I gather all of the prizes), I’m doing a 15 minute presentation on LINQ. 

With 15 minutes, I’m not getting into too much detail.  Just a bunch of cool code sample to show what LINQ is capable of.  Mostly, LINQ to SQL.  If you are interested, here is the code sample solution.

If you want to learn more about LINQ, here are some site to check out:

Scott Guthrie’s Blog:  (Of Course!)

Wes Dyer’s Blog:  (this guy knows his stuff on LINQ!)

Check out this great video by Wes.  It explains a lot, it is definitely worth watching: (94.67 KB)

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